Rake vs Blow

My memories of fall include the sound of leaves being raked and neighbors calling to one another to share a story or two while laboring outdoors together. Dogs and children would be jumping in leaf piles all while enjoying the smell of a chimney fire and the anticipation of a well earned fall beverage.
Now … there might be a wave but conversation is almost impossible because of the whine of the leafblowers.
Makes me sentimental for days gone by

6 thoughts on “Rake vs Blow

  1. Ummmm, would it be awful of me to say, “if my yard was as big as yours, I’d use a leaf blower too” ? LOL ! Sorry hon. I’m nostalgic but I only have a little time for yard work then I gotta’ go. We could blow them all into the driveway, down the hill and out of the yard then go for pizza and beer. I did enjoy your sweet memory too xoK

  2. I’ve complained about the sound of leaf blowers for years. Then this summer my brother gave me an electric one (not QUITE as loud as the gas powered blowers), and I swear it’s magical on the driveway with the huge maple leaves. I can do 4 days of raking work in about 4 hours. I’m a convert. (sorry)

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