Just One

Along the Great Ocean Road

We are 6 days away from Local Elections here in Radford, and I am working hard to help the candidates that I support win the day!  Since I’ve not really got the time right now to share the story of the last 4 days of my trip, I’m leaving this teaser here for you to enjoy.  As I look at it, I can still hear the waves and feel the breeze.  Just incredible!

I’ll be back soon!

10 thoughts on “Just One

  1. Love this!

    Jan E. Simonsen
    Member and Shareholder
    Carr Maloney P.C.
    2020 K Street, NW
    Suite 850
    Washington, DC 20006

  2. We just went to the beach for a night here in the PNW and it was just that lovely. So I don’t have to be envious. Feeds the soul. Best of luck on the elections. Crossing my fingers and squeezing my thumbs into my hands. (German good luck) 🙂

  3. It’s a beautiful area. And there’s the fabulous “12” there. No doubt, you would have enjoyed photographing them.
    Good luck with the elections. It matters, at every level of government.

  4. That’s a gorgeous view and photo, Laurie. I was sitting down by the Fox River earlier this week and thought how calming it was to sit and fill my senses with the sound of the rushing waters and the pretty views of the river’s banks. I hope your candidates did well in the local elections! 🙂

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