Making Friends and Riding the Rails: Sydney to Melbourne

When last I posted, I’d told you about my amazing day in Sydney.  I then took a pause in the storytelling in order to visit all of you.  Somehow, almost a month has passed since I arrived back in the States, after enduring lots of up close and personal attention at the security checks along the way.  Now it’s time to resume the tale!

You may remember that I took the overnight train from Melbourne to Sydney.  Even though the day time train was taking the same route back to Melbourne, for this trip I’d be awake and able to see the countryside.

Some might consider an 11 hour train ride far too long, but I enjoyed the whole trip!  I chatted with those around me and learned a lot from the train Conductor, who after learning of my interest, would come tell me when something interesting was coming up.   I kept my camera on the scenery flying by and while none of these images will win awards, I liked the movement they convey.

I could have taken a plane but I really wanted to see the rural part of Australia.

You really can’t get a feel for the country from a plane, but the train opens the world to your eyes.

We stopped several times and when there was enough time, I’d jump off to look around.  My favorite story from the day was when we were pulling up to Albury .  The Conductor had let me know that the Albury Train Platform, at 455-metre-long (1,493 ft), was the longest in Australia.  As I walked to the door, a woman jumped up and asked me if I was going to get off at the stop, and after indicating that I was, she said she wanted to come, too.

It turns out that Lorraine (nick named Laurie – what a coincidence!) was traveling for the first time out of her home state of New South Wales.  She and her sister were headed for Melbourne and other parts of Victoria, and she was as excited to be traveling as I was.

Laurie asked me if I’d send her the photos that I took and I happily agreed, of course asking if I could take her photo as well.  What a joyful part of the ride!

The ride continued and the other passengers got used to seeing the happy American walking up and down the aisle, camera in hand.

Before I knew it, we were back in Melbourne.  After a slight challenge getting my luggage out of the locker in the station, I walked to my hotel, which while a 1/2 mile away, was all down hill.  Thank goodness for wheels on suitcases! As I crossed over the Yarra river, I was rewarded by this beautiful view.

I checked into my hotel, enjoyed a cold beer and dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe that Boomdee had recommended, and prepared for the next day: driving the Great Ocean Road!

34 thoughts on “Making Friends and Riding the Rails: Sydney to Melbourne

  1. I love the movement shots also Laurie 😊 Terry and I are taking a trip up to Montreal, then to Old Quebec in hopes of meeting up with Mario Gervais (Meho Jarvis) and that involves a total of 12 hours by train. I love the ride and enjoy the scenery but Terry can’t stand it. If we could fly directly into Old Quebec for a decent price we would but it seems all of the flights have layovers in different states and total about 11 hours anyway.

    • I’m so sorry that Terry doesn’t like the train. I’ve always loved riding. When are you going to Montreal? I do hope to visit there someday!

      • I know it does seem silly. I can get direct flights but they are $1100 per person which is silly. I was planning on coming up at the end of April but it looks more like the end of May now.

      • Oh May in Quebec is probably great. Beginning of June, even better. Spring is very slow to arrive in Canada this year. $1100/person is nuts. I think that’s what I paid to fly cross continnent to DC. :/

  2. You got some iconic shots of rural Australia as you raced through Laurie and I like those moving photos too. (Though not as fine as the one you took on the trike I have to say.) I have always wanted to do one of those long train rides up through the centre of that great continent, it would be a great way to see the countryside. Meeting your namesake on her first big trip must have been quite fun for you both – but I bet she will talk about you for the rest of her days 🙂

    • I know that I will talk about it. What a fun, fun part of the day.
      How are you???? I’m knee deep in local election campaigns and between that and work and other committee work and Greg ❤ I'm feeling a bit behind on my friendships. Sigh …
      Love you!

    • Thank you, Kerry. I tend to just charge through with a plan and then when I stop and think about it, I realize that it did take a bit of nerve, and it makes me feel better when I feel moments of apprehension (although I have a hard time admitting it!) Does that make sense?

  3. I love train travel so I can fully appreciate the joy of this trip, Laurie. I can also picture you traveling the aisles, camera in hand with a bounce in your step. I’m glad you met another Laurie and that you could exchange photos. A delightful start to my day.

  4. I have never traveled by train in the States but we did it all the time when I was growing up in Germany. You see so much more that way. Great photos of areas we wouldn’t normally get to see.

    • Hello Marlene! Taking the train in Germany must have been incredible!
      I’m so behind and feel a bit disconnected/ I’ll pop over to your place in a bit.

      • No worries, Laurie. I’m behind and a bit disconnected too and have not been traveling the world so no stress for you to feel. Enjoy, take your time and relax a whole lot. I took the train alone as a child in Germany and with my mother when we went back to visit old haunts. 😉 Yes, it was incredible.

  5. I love trains. People seem to talk more than on airplanes. And you’re right: you see more of the landscape from the angle you would take it on, rather than from the bird’s view. What an adventure you have had. I look forward to seeing more…

    • It really was the best adventure! I keep saying it was the trip of a lifetime and I really want another trip of a lifetime!!
      I’ll post more after our local elections next Tuesday … I’m heavily involved in helping progressive candidates win the day! I’ll pop over to your place soon!

  6. You really squeezed in a lot of travel and adventure while in Australia LB. Great photo’s and of course you left a joyful impression aboard your train. Laurie and her sister are probably still talking about you 😀 That’s such a fun coincidence that you have the same name too. I love your photo of the platform in Albury with it’s Art Deco metal work. What a glorious vision to step off to. It’s so raw out in the countryside isn’t it? Wide open spaces, rocks and blue sky forever. I can imagine, back in the day, people comming from Europe and arriving here, how different and wild it would seem. I especially thought the photo through the black portal was cool too. How fun that you got to pop into the Belgian Beer Cafe 😀 I had the yummiest Veggie sliders there. I love that you can eat outside virtually every single day in Australia and all the doors and cafe’s are wide open to the outdoors. My house would be full of flys and mosquito’s if I did that in the evening here. It’s been just a month home now and it seems longer to me. You? xox K

    • I too enjoyed the Belgian Beer Cafe.
      Can we go there together soon? Sigh …
      I miss you and feel so disconnected from everyone. As soon as elections are over next Tuesday, I’ll catch up. XOXO

      • That’d be great! You’d have da beer and I’d chug-a-lug a crisp chardonnay 😀 To be able to hop around the world effortlessly and hook up whenever we felt like it, someday it’ll be possible 😀 All very Star Trek’ish. But we’ll probably be compost by then, eeeep! I’m watching the American midterms too. Hoping voters can send a strong message to DC! You are working to an important goal and we are all so proud to know you. xoxo Go Team Common Sense!!

  7. We trained between Melbourne and Sydney overnight and I will never do it again. We had someone who talked the whole night and a sick child. Wasn’t a lot of fun.
    However, we have taken the train from Brisbane to Cairns and that was pretty cool.

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