Dunedin: Rest, Recovery, and Pauline’s World

When we finally went to bed, I can honestly say that I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow.   Eight solid hours of sleep later, I was wide awake and feeling pretty good.  Even still, it takes more than 8 hours to recover from that long day of travel, and I was glad that we had a low key day spent exploring Pauline’s world, including her family.

We awoke to see Danella’s patio garden.  Even though the day was overcast, the flowers beckoned and my camera was soon put into action.  I’ve never taken my laptop on a trip before but I knew that I would want to share photos from the camera, not just the phone.

Danella provided coffee and toast (perfect with fresh tomotoes!) and soon Pauline and Siddy joined us.  That Siddy! He is adored by everyone that he meets.  What a sweet puppy!

After a quick nap, we took the short ride to Pauline’s home.  After a lifetime of seeing the driver in the front left seat, it was odd to see just the opposite.  Siddy, on Alys’s lap, enjoyed the fresh air!

Fans of Pauline already know what a talented artist she is.  It was wonderful to see her space and all her creations, and of course, the illusive Orlando!


We enjoyed an assortment of snacks accompanied by New Zealand wine, and after being joined by Joanna and Steven, a delicious dinner.

Dessert was the traditional Pavlova, prepared by Pauline and served by Joanna.  Evidently, New Zealanders and Australians disagree over who created this yummy dessert.

Before heading back to Danella’s for the night, we took a drive to see the ocean.  See the next post!


26 thoughts on “Dunedin: Rest, Recovery, and Pauline’s World

  1. WOW Orlando was really giving you the eyes Laurie 😀 Pauline’s place must look incredible with all her art. I envy people who can display their talents in their homes (believe it or not I don’t have one photo hanging in my home that I took). All of that is going to change with Terry’s master plan (remodeling). Hi Pauline 😀

    • Hi Lynn – it’s been fantastic! And I’m working hard to keep up with photos and posting blogs. Otherwise, I worry that I’ll get home, get caught up in life, and never share them.

  2. I love the photos of the brushes, pencils, and daisies. I had an artist friend growing up and simply loved her home full of the family artwork. What a treat to visit an artist’s home!! Orlando seems a little less certain about the company though 🙂

  3. Thank you so much, Laurie for all these wonderful photos!!!! I’ve saved several. Now I want one with you and K, A, & P. 🙂 Danella will have to take that one for you to share. I know she can. Great shot of J cutting the cake. You are bringing a piece back for me, right? Great shot of Orlando! Siddy with his head out the window is pretty typical of a dog and looks like he found his happy spot on K’s lap. 🙂 Please tell P I’m in love with those daisies!!!!! They are stunning! I’m having such a good time pretending to be with you all and now I’m ready for my walk on the beach, thank you very much. Giant hugs, M

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  5. The last photo is the best of all. What an incredible thing the blogosphere is to thrown three strangers together who became good friends and traveled across the date line to spend time together. Wow. Beautiful.

  6. What a fabulous start to the journey. We packed so much into each day. I think without your blog posts, I would have already forgotten so much of it. I could have stayed three months!

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