4 Wheelin’ it to Barney’s Wall

Typically when my friend Karen organizes a hike, it is the walking in the woods and the view at the end that provides the memories.

Barney’s Wall provided that, for sure, but getting there was the adventure!  We all piled into my truck and hit the road for the trailhead.  And what a road it was!

What was initially a lovely ride through the trees,

turned into a challenge for my 4 Wheel Drive skills.

We made sure our seatbelts were locked in place and the windows up.

I took my time and drove carefully … until we saw these huge puddles.

I mean, what fun is a puddle if you can’t make a big splash?

What a fun mess!

After a bit of searching (see Karen’s post for the story) we found the trailhead.

And what a beautiful trail it was!

We’d not gone far when we learned that it was the 1st Day of Rifle Season.  You’d think that the sound of gunfire in the distance would have cued us in, but it was not until we saw hunters coming towards us that we realized the significance of the day.

We perservered and it was not long until we received our reward.

The drop off was severe and soon enough we were scrambling around on the ledge.

As always, we were thrilled with the view, and with the comraderie and friendship.

Sometimes the hike is long. Sometimes not so much.  No matter the length of the walk, the memories will last a lifetime.

22 thoughts on “4 Wheelin’ it to Barney’s Wall

    • Yes, since we live in an area where there are many, many folks who hunt, it is amazing that it never occurred to us to be careful and wear Blaze Orange.
      Thankfully, there were no mishaps and we had a blast!

  1. Holy Moly! My stomach dropped out from under me! As for that road! OMG! Hang on is right! The view is amazing, just spectacular. I would hike that trail! Count me in! But in hunting season? I’m not too sure on that one. I make sure I hike in parks where no hunting is allowed. Laurie, that is a bit scary even for me. Yet you like me love adventure. And it is so cool to see a group of pals doing it together! Good for all of you!!

    • Amy, we should have used our heads and thought about the fall season and hunting. Thankfully, all turned out just fine and we had a fun day! My friend Karen has started a women’s hiking group and she makes sure to plan a few weekend hikes per year for those still working during the week. It’s been great fun!

    • Yeah, I’m not sure what kept us going. We didn’t put alot of thought into it for some reason. Group Think is what it is called.
      Thankfully, we had a great day on the road and in the woods

  2. Looks like a great day out with friends and awesome views as a reward. I think I would have been happy just roughing it in the 4WD. 🙂 Shame about the hunters in the area though. Stray bullets and the like.

  3. The shot of your feet dangling over the side of a cliff is scary. When Lynn and I first started dating and hiking she had the nasty habit of climbing over retaining walls or fences to stand as close to the edge of a cliff as she could in order to get a better view of the canyon, as in the Grand Canyon. And Canyonlands. I would get screaming mad and wonder what I would tell her kids when I came back home alone. And would the park rangers or police or FBI believe I was NOT a murderer, having shoved her over the side? You women are all nuts. Sort of like teen aged boys! 😀

  4. Did you read the recent news story about the woman who was shot and killed, while walking her dogs, by a hunter who mistook her for a deer? I think you were very lucky! The walk had a huge payoff in terms of view, though!

  5. You all have so much fun! I had to smile when I saw the “spare” tires at the side of the trail/mud puddle. I’m assuming you made it back with all four tires intact? I think you were brave to continue hiking at the start of hunting season. The very thought of wondering through the woods with gun shot nearby makes me queasy. I’m so glad it all worked out in the end.

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