300 Miles for a Beer

The text came in on Friday: Meet Saturday morning, 10:30am for the first long ride of the season.

Well, it would be the first long ride for me, anyway.  Lots of travel, civic events, and weather have kept me off the bike for other than short trips, and I was determined to devote at least one day of the weekend to riding.

It was a beautiful day for the bike, and our destination was Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company in Lexington, Va.  We rode through multiple counties and across several mountain passes.  Lots of curves and twisties which made for fun riding.  We didn’t stop for photo opportunities along the way, so I’m sharing this photo from a similar ride in 2011.

I was able to pull out the camera at the brewery, though.

I crawled underneath the tower to capture this one.

And a friend took these as I climbed part way up the tower.  I was nervous about going further, not because of the height but because I didn’t want to get fussed at.

Devil’s Backbone Brewery has 2 locations and the one in Lexington is called the Outpost. According to the website, the Outpost “houses our custom built brewery featuring a 120bbl Rolec Brewing system, SBC bottling and canning lines and Tap Room” (I have no idea what those brewery terms mean).  “You can belly up to the bar in the Tap Room for a pint or sampler flight seven days a week”

“or bring some of your favorite local food and have a picnic in our bier garden out back”.

It was a great day on the bike AND I got to wear my new Women’s March hoodie.  Yep! I’m a feminist bike chick and proud of it.

300 miles later, I was home in time to watch my Gonzaga Bulldogs win their Elite Eight match up with West Virginia, which sent them to their first Final Four in school history!

The riding season has officially begun.

It’s also March Madness and this basketball loving biker is happy.

38 thoughts on “300 Miles for a Beer

  1. I always love going directly to the brewery to enjoy a cold one. The beer is so much fresher tasting. I have already been to Blue Point, Yuengling and Samuel Adams breweries and I think a trip to Cooperstown NY is in order this spring to visit Brewery Ommegang. Great images Laurie and I know you had a good time.

  2. Excellent to hear you had a day out having fun! Love the hoodie and the thought of you getting ‘fussed’ at because you are halfway up a tower amuses me 🙂 I think most people would be bemused and cheer you on…….

  3. Sounds like a fantastic first ride out Laurie! We were up in Ottawa this past weekend visiting our son, daughter-in-law & granddaughter & we too, had the opportunity to do a little beer tasting! Not as grand as this brewery but there a number of little micro breweries that have opened in the city & are fun to visit!

  4. Great post, Laurie. Brewery tastings are great fun and i love your photos. My fave is your new hoodie! Congrats on Gonzaga. Sad that FL lost but it was a good run.

    • The tournament has been so good this year, hasn’t it? Well, except when our teams go out. The Hokies are my other team and while I hated to see them lose, I’m so proud of them for making it to the tournament this year.

  5. I was at Devil’s backbone a year and a half ago with the brother. Nice place, good beer, although it was crowded due to a music festival. I would like to go back there when it’s more peaceful.

  6. I’m happy for your beer-drinking, team-winning, bike-riding weekend. You work long and hard for your patients and for your community. I hope this becomes a regular event in your lives. And as always, gorgeous shots. I’m glad you didn’t get a dressing-down when you posed for your picture. That looks like fun.

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