Finding a Way


I came to WordPress last evening, seeking a distraction from despair.  I’ve been on a media blackout, avoiding television, the news, and FB.  I have just not been ready to face a world in which so many people, although NOT the majority, voted for  … well, a man whose values are so very different from my own.

And I’ve felt badly about that.  Where was my fight?  Where was my ability to rally?  I’ve been feeling like Tom Cruise in Top Gun after the death of  Goose.  Maverick couldn’t engage, and I hadn’t been able to either.

As John Pavlovitz said in his article “This is Why We Grieve Today”:

This has never been about politics.
This is not about one candidate over the other.

It’s not about one’s ideas over another’s.
It is not blue vs. red.
It’s not her emails vs. his bad language.
It’s not her dishonesty vs. his 

It’s about overt racism and hostility toward minorities.
It’s about religion being weaponized.
It’s about crassness and vulgarity and disregard for women.
It’s about a barricaded, militarized, bully nation.
It’s about an unapologetic, open-faced ugliness

Starting a new business and being so overwhelmed with it that I didn’t have time to focus on the results of the election was helpful.

Being with my likeminded, similarly destraught friends was also helpful.

Knowing that so many of my WP friends feel the same way that I do has been comforting.

When I heard about the Women’s March on Washington, a peaceful march in the unity of women to honor women’s rights and values, I felt something rising within me.

I don’t have answers, and I surely haven’t been able to express myself as elequently as so many of you.

But I do feel the hint of a rally.

23 thoughts on “Finding a Way

  1. As often seems to be the case, I’m just about where you are–I’m rallying a little, too–ready to pay attention and think about what needs to be done to minimize the ill effects. I’m glad to hear the real you is coming back.

    • Kerry, as selfish as it seems, I’m glad that you, too, have had trouble rallying. It lets me know that I am not the only one.
      Your words of “paying attention and thinking about what needs to be done to minimize the ill effects of this election” are spot on. Thank you for that and for your friendship here on WP.
      Someday, we’ll meet!!

    • Angie, how incredible to have you here. Our 28 year friendship means so much to me, even if we only see each other every so often. You inspire me all the time! Truly!
      Thank you. ❤

    • Joe!! I need to re-engage! I miss our fun banter but love knowing that we stand shoulder to shoulder on this massive issue.
      I’m grateful for your friendship, my friend.
      Big hugs to you and Terry!

  2. Laurie, I feel your pain. Even those of us who do not reside in the States are left shaking our heads with the appointment of this man who openly spews such hate towards so many. My heart breaks for your country.

    • Oh Lynn, I loved reading your message (even though I am late to respond) and I love knowing you stand in solidarity with me and the milions who feel the same devastation.
      Thank you, my friend ❤
      Love on that new baby!!

  3. It’s taken me all week to start my heart pumping again. I sat in stunned silence not being about to get dress or go out until my daughter came and forced me into the air. Now it’s time to get to work on my own thinking and how it can make my world a better place. There were many that worked quietly in the background when Hitler was voted in by the poor and downtrodden hoping for a better life. They got no life at all. It’s up to us to bring love and peace back into the air.

    • Marlene, I always appreciate the honesty and strength in your comments. Thank you for inspiring me to make my own world a better place. I will work alongside you to bring loave and peace back into the air. What a wonderful way to phrase it.
      I’m grateful to have your online presence in my world. ❤

  4. I know you’ll bounce back stronger than ever, LB. Hey, and good luck with your new business. Awesome! Time to get to work.

    • Jim, thank you for your encouragement. The response to your “Just Suppose” has been good! Your online presence of strength, honesty, beauty, and poetry means much to me.
      The new job has been kicking my tail but the chaos and long hours are so worth it. It’s going to be great!

  5. I’m right there with you, Laurie. I would love to march with you in DC. My friend Heidi asked me to join her as well. I’ll PM you. I hope I can be one of the many with you and others at my side. For now, I’m off to Sacred Heart for a community meeting. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hugs. And thanks for sharing that incredible poem.

  6. Laurie – Thanks for who you are. I’m going to be there for the March. Maybe we will run into each other. If not, know I’m there too.

    • Laurie!! Your message made my day! I love you so much for coming all the way across the country for the March, and would dearly love to somehow find you. I’m messaging you my phone #. Please share yours and let’s try to meet. I’d love to see you and hug you tightly.

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