Images of Greensboro

Weekends during the month of June were packed with travel, and my shutter finger worked overtime!

I’m still glowing over my time in Atlanta with my son, exploring public art and architecture, cocktails and cuisine, and green spaces. Then last weekend I was able to spend the weekend in Greensboro, NC to photograph a wedding.  Some of you have visited Karen’s blog about hiking, and she most recently posted about her daughter’s wedding.

I am not a professional photographer, and definitely not a wedding photographer, so I was a bit nervous (to say the least).   I’ve known the bride since she was a young teen, and despite my nerves, it was an honor to try to capture the joy of this fun loving couple.


The time I had to photograph downtown Greensboro was limited, but I wanted to share a bit of it with you.  Some of these images were taken with my camera, and several with my cell phone.


The city is a wonderful mix of old and new architecture,



with a proud and tragic history.


During my morning walk, I learned that Martin Luther King was scheduled to speak in Greensboro on April 4th, 1968.  He cancelled his visit to stay in Memphis one more night where he was assasinated that same day.  If only …


Within a few minutes walk from Elm Street, the main drag in downtown Greensboro, is the Isley House.  Built by German immigrants, circa 1845, the log house was moved from its original location when the historical museum took it apart and reassembled it here.


My morning walk took me past public art,


and along the train tracks.

20160625_073517-2 20160625_073654-3

Finally, just a few random images.


Believe me, a cold beer tasted great after hours spent with the camera.


Thankfully, my friend Tim was there to help me!


I’m home for a couple weekends but the next trip in two weeks will be on the motorcycle!

36 thoughts on “Images of Greensboro

  1. Wonderful images Laurie 🙂 I was asked a couple of times if I would do a wedding but my nerves would have gotten the best of me. Luckily I wasn’t close enough to any of them that asked me so I didn’t feel obligated. I have a tough time saying no, LOL. I love all of the images but you nailed the first one beautifully.

    • Joe, I was really stressing this event! For over a year, I worried about it. I mean, I have one camera, two lenses (one borrowed), and no extra flashes, filters, or gadgets. Yikes! The family are close, family friends and I think they liked knowing that I’d capture what they wanted even if i didn’t have the years of experience and expertise. Working through hundreds of photos … oh my

  2. I do like your shot of the public art Laurie and the last one of the two intrepid photographers 🙂 Also a beautiful wedding day photo of the happy young couple. What a great time you are having – I’m glad to infer this from your posts 🙂 xo

  3. Is it wrong that the photo I like best is the one of the beer . . . ? I’m glad you got through the wedding and captured great photos with no problem! I haven’t been to Greensboro–your pix make it look worth a visit!

  4. You are a wonderful wedding photographer, Laurie, if the first photo is any indication. Love all of your photos, but the train station and track are my faves (Monochromatic material).

  5. What an honour to be asked to photograph the wedding. I am certain you did an amazing job & they will have many beautiful photos to remember the day by!

    • You know, Lynn, it turned out to be okay. I was so nervous, and while I’m sure they aren’t as good as a pro’s would be, they do have the personal touch for sure.
      Hope you are well, Lynn.

    • Thank you, Johanna, that means a lot to me. And that photo may just be the best photo of the day. Still working on the rest, but at least one turned out 🙂

  6. I love these shots but had to laugh at that last one. He towers over you but you’re right in there as if pushing him aside! Love it!

  7. Laurie, good for you for stepping outside of your comfort zone. The wedding shot conveys a warmth and a personal connection, so I’m sure they’re quite happy with the pics.

    I love the way you tell the story of various communities with your pictures. I was just listening to an interview with an author today on NPR who’s written a book on Bobby Kennedy. The subject of Martin Luther King came up. Such terrible losses, so often of the very people trying to make a positive difference in the world. xo

    • Alys, I was listening to that same story while finishing up on charts yesterday afternoon.
      After having watched The Help on Sunday (I’d read the book, never seen the movie).
      What a dreadful tumultous time the 60s were. So many deaths, so much war, so many changes.
      After listening, I made a note to read that book.

      Thanks for the comment about the photo of Lori and Doug. I fretted for a year (!) before the wedding, but I think that the personal connection will indeed be what makes the couple happy. Fingers crossed!

      • We read the Help as a book club when it first came out. I loved both the book and the movie. They did a good job staying fairly true to the story. It was a tumultuous decade and a part of our formative years. I turned 10 in 1970, the year after my dad died, so my own personally sad memories are caught up with all of it.

        As for the wedding photos, I’ll cross my fingers, but can’t imagine that the pics are anything but fabulous.

    • Oh my goodness, I fretted about serving as photographer! I worried for over a year. The couple seem to be very happy with the personal connnection and casual approach. They are that kind of couple, thankfully!

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