Green Atlanta

This third and final post about Atlanta (#1 Art and Architecture and #2 Cuisine and Cocktails) reveals the green side of the city and surrounding towns.  Trees are everywhere, and my early morning walks were much cooler because of the shade.  If you saw my previous two Atlanta posts, you’ll see that many of the photos show the green in the neighborhoods and right in the heart of the city as well.

Piedmont Park, whose mission is to “enhance and preserve Piedmont Park as a vital urban green space and as a cultural and recreational resource that enriches the quality of life for all Atlantans” is a 189 acre park located one mile from Downtown.  The park has been evolving since 1822, and has gone “through several phases, first from a forest to a farm, then to a fairground and suburban park, and finally to the urban park that it is today”


As Andrew and I walked the trails, we remarked that it seemed similar to New York’s Central Park.  In fact, “in the early 20th century, a redesign plan called the Olmsted plan, was begun by the sons of New York Central Park architect, Frederick Law Olmstead. The effort led to the addition of scenic paths in the park and the joining of the park with the Ansley park system”.


We walked along a few of the many walking / jogging pathways, but there are so many more things to do at Piedmont Park.

_MG_3012-2 _MG_3009-2

Green markets, special events, a community garden, sporting events, beekeeping, and a Dog Park offer something for everyone.


Now you see me …


Now you don’t!


Don’t forget to look up while you’re walking!


The Magnolia trees were huge and full of blossoms,


and the hydrangeas were lovely, too.


Speaking of Green and Alternative Transportation, Atlanta has a growing cycling community.  As we pulled up to the traffic light after dinner late on Friday evening, we were stopped by the 4th Annual Moon Ride, a 6 mile night time ride through several intown neighborhoods.  The event is “open to anyone who wants to hit the streets, whether you’ve got a street bike, a mountain bike, a wheel chair or a good ole cruiser”.


I wish I’d known about it ahead of time as I surely would have joined in.  The photo quality is not great, but that might be because I was dancing to the music that was being broadcast from various golf carts.


Much to the embarrassment of my son, my dancing got the attention of the police officer monitoring the intersection, and she insisted on taking my photo.


What a hoot!



Of course, the whole reason I went to Atlanta was to visit my son, so I’m throwing in a few random shots of Andrew and his Atlanta family.

Mother and Son


Jon (how I messed up the settings on this easy shot, I will never know)






Thanks for coming along with me on a fabulous trip to Atlanta! I hope you get to visit sometime. It’s a great city and I cannot wait to go back.

27 thoughts on “Green Atlanta

  1. Olmstead has his fingerprints all over all the great parks in the east, it seems. I lived in Buffalo for years and his work there is stupendous! Your trip looks like it was perfect and it was such fun to see the photos of you and your family!

    • Until visiting Piedmont Park, I had no idea just how much of a footrprint he had. I need to learn more about him. What a legacy!
      And yes, it was an absolute blast being with family.

  2. Lovely to see all the green parts of the city and the green people – what a nice idea to have a moon light ride. Melbourne has a naked bike ride which is pretty hysterical.

  3. Beautiful images Laurie 🙂 Its good to see the sons of Frederick Law Olmsted continuing the work of their father. It does look a lot like Central Park.

  4. What a beautiful green space Laurie – and the city looks so lovely peeking through. I think America was much blessed by this particular family of designers who knew how to make city dwellers happy! Your dancing shot made me smile – and the comment about embarrassing Andrew 🙂 I would often dance – or worse, burst into song – to random music when my kids were teenagers and cause them enormous shame 😀 The delights of being a parent. Lovely to see you having fun and good times with Andrew and his family [you two have the same gorgeous brown eyes!] Those dogs are a fun looking pair and I love their names!! Finally, I can’t leave without wondering what became of Bode the Beagle ………. I’m hoping it is just the name tag that got lost, not Bode. [Isn’t that another great name!!]

    • Pauline – I wish we were talking rather than writing!
      The embarrassment comment is so true. Andrew still rolls his eyes when I try to “educate” those working check out in stores about the benefits of reusable bags, not plastic. Hee hee!
      Aren’t my “granddogs” lovely? They are sweeties, and full of just the right amount of energy.
      As for Bode: in an effort to raise funds for the dog park, folks would purchase these bones to put on the fence, as opposed to bricks on a path. Such a clever idea, right?
      I really do need to learn more about the Olmstead family. What a footrprint, a good one, on the land!

  5. You can always spot Olmsted, can’t you? Lovely park. I may have a business trip to Atlanta in October and this has made me think it could be more pleasurable. A lot. Nice to see your son and his Atlanta family as well.

  6. A Moon Ride?!! What a lovely concept! I wonder how one goes about convincing the powers-that-be here in Toronto that it would be a wonderful idea. Unfortunately here there would be 30,000 riders show up and complete pandemonium.

    I’m so happy that cities are embracing great green spaces and recognizing how important this connection with nature is to our well-being.

    • Hello Joanne! I just left a message at your place, and was glad to read the update on your recovery.
      I so wish Id known about this Moon Ride as I would surely have jumped right in. Only in it’s fourth year, the event is growing, and I’m sure it took alot of planning and coordination. Atlanta, known for it’s automobile traffic, definitely seems to be embracing cycling / pedestrian transport.

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