Monochromia Struttin’

If you haven’t visited yet, you are missing out on some incredible Black & White Photography by some very talented photographers.

Be sure to visit Monochromia soon.


_MG_0905-2 - Copy-4

Another image from a morning walk on Siesta Beach

To see this handsome fellow in color, visit this post on Life on the Bike

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15 thoughts on “Monochromia Struttin’

    • Me, too, Lisa! He was trying to get food out of the bag of a guy that was fishing, and because of that he stayed around for a long time. I just kept on shooting pics. So fun!

  1. That is one heck of a big bird. Is this guy clumsy on take off and landing, or is he coordinated? He really doesn’t look it. Man, he is beautiful, though! Great photograph, Laurie!!! ❤

    • Thanks Amy. I didn’t get to see him fly off, but I sure got to watch him walk around. He let us watch him for a good 15 minutes … he was focused on food 🙂

  2. Love this guy. I took a look at the other image and couldn’t decide which I like better. But as someone above mentioned, he does look a bit prehistoric!

  3. wonderful beach photos…I scrolled down! I’ve never been to Sarasota other than to stay over night. Didn’t see much of the area so this was great!

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