Art & Whimsy

On our last full day of fun in Sarasota, we were able to take another long walk on the beach,

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followed by opportunities to explore some of the downtown architecture, Farmer’s Market, restaurants, and street activity.

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We also visited the Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy, where “part of the mission is to collect and preserve work of artistic and whimsical importance.  Our collection is bright and colorful.  The artwork will lift your spirits and, hopefully, inspire creative expression”.  It was a bright, sunny day, and these images do not do justice to the colorful, metal works.

Take my word for it, our spirits were definitely lifted!

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Before I knew it, the time had come to fly home.  What an incredible 3 days! I’m grateful to have friends who value this tradition as much as I do!


Thanks for coming along with me on the adventure!

36 thoughts on “Art & Whimsy

  1. I had a camera ruined at Siesta Key once! That very fine sand and a stiff breeze . . . that was that! Your camera was definitely working well, though–great shots!

    • Jim, thank you for “getting” the worn brick walls. This is my third year in Sarasota, and in trying to capture a photo of that brick wall. It pulls me in every time!

  2. There is nothing like those Florida beaches!!!!! This is THE BEST post!!!! The Art/Whimsy pieces are incredible but the best is the walking on the beach——our absolute fave pasttime!!!!!!! Hugs…….

    • Yes, that starfish! I was so pleased to see that little guy. The Museum of Art & Whimsy was fascinating and I could not put my camera down. Thanks for obliging me in looking at them 🙂

    • Thanks, Bruce! Interesting museum, right? I love that the owner values the works of folks who are not “masters” or bringers in of the big bucks. Just regular folks with talent.
      How are you, by the way? Posting soon???

    • Thanks, Lynn! and i appreciate that you didn’t mind the variety of shots. I could not stop shooting all that color 🙂
      But the starfish took the prize for me, too

  3. The whimsical stuff is great, but I focused in on the adult refreshment and the beach. Considering we’re supposed to get snow again tomorrow, I would love to have both of those things right in front of me. You had a great trip, Laurie, and special, fun memories.

    • Mary! We got a little Wisconsin snow last night!
      I posted a pic on my FB page of my beautiful Redbud in the snow.
      Hope you are staying warm!

  4. What a great time. It’s hard to pick a favorite photo. What was that bird? A gull with a toupee? a kingfisher gull? Pretty darn cool. And those horses as well. And you all look fabulously relaxed on the beach.

  5. What colorful photos to memorialize your trip, Laurie. Those vivid reds and blues are a nice contrast to the sand, surf and greenery, but I love the purple most of all.

    What is it about old brick walls? I think it’s the promise of a story within. I always think about the person who originally laid the bricks, and the various layers that followed after. xo

  6. Such a cool place. I see now that you flew there. I think that tree has knit-fiti on it, does it? That is the wackiest growing tree I’ve ever seen too. I think the name of the bakery if fun and I love their signage. Very European.

    I can’t imagine living where it’s summer-ish all the time. Man these people are livin’-la-vita-loka. Palms, #1 beach in the USA, sunshine, ocean and just being outside all year round….what a dream. Glad you had a great break from the crazy schedule you seem to manage. Unlike me, I take breaks from retirement, ha! I just got my Pension Package in the mail. GAH! I get an allowance as of my next birthday…..when my age and years of service make up some magic number. I’m starting a holiday fund xo K

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