Oh How The Mood Changes

A quick trip to Charlotte, NC offered me a chance to have a mini 12 hour vacation.  The day was beautiful for driving (I very much regretted not riding the bike) and I met friends in Uptown.

How wonderful it was to walk and wander, to point and shoot, to breathe and relax.


As an aside: I wondered why the residents of Charlotte call it Uptown and learned that this is a common question, one that Brad Panovich, Chief Meteorologist a WCNC-NBC TV answered in this blog post.

While I have many photos to work through and share, I loved the contrast between these two. Without a tripod, I took one with, and one without, flash.  The mood changed dramatically in comparison, and the second begged to be converted to monochrome.

The first evokes a lovely evening stroll …


while the second encourages you to turn around and head home.


Oh the joy of photography!

31 thoughts on “Oh How The Mood Changes

    • Thanks Pauline. I was really struck by how just a bit of editing changed the whole mood.
      It was a lovely mini-vacation! It felt so good to walk, explore, and use my camera. It had been too long!

  1. I love the idea of a 12-hour vacation. It makes you think of the possibilities. I’ll bet it refreshed you physically and emotionally.

    • You are so right, Jim. I needed some time away … to walk, to breathe, to smile, to enjoy. And somehow, knowing that I only had a few hours, made it even more special, and not at all desperate.

  2. Yes, what a complete mood change, LB! Photography is such an art – a tricky one at that for some of us! But thanks for keeping the photographic inspirations coming. So glad you got a chance to have a break. xoxoxox

  3. It sounds like you needed that break, doing something you love and just relaxing. The difference in the two photos, with and without flash, is really interesting. I try to remind myself to take multiple photos and experiment that way, but I usually forget . . .

    • Thank you for saying so! I wish I could spend more time in creative pursuits like photography! As it is, it provides a lovely distraction from the day to day.

  4. Yay for mini-vacations! 🙂 So glad you had a chance to get out and spend some time behind your lens, Laurie. I’m missing that terribly. Great architectural shot in the first; wonderful illustration of the effect different tones/processing have in the last two. I think you hit the nail on the head with the third – I can almost hear the theme music from “Halloween” in my head 😉 Beautiful DOF by the way!

    • Stacy, I so appreciate your comments. I sometimes struggle to describe what I like about someone’s work. Kind of like wine … fruit forward? full finish? balanced?
      I usually just say “Oh I like this one” 🙂

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