Ahhhhh ….

I’m three weeks into the campaign and tomorrow is the official Campaign Kick Off.  Since a relaxing ride on the bike at the end of the day was not to be, a lovely non-fat latte was the next best thing.


How do they make those designs, anyway?

41 thoughts on “Ahhhhh ….

  1. My favourite treat with my favourite candidate! Double down for me please (that’s deux espresso
    si vous plait) xo I think they use the back of a spoon in the milk foam to make the yummy latte art.

  2. I believe they go to barista school for at least three years to learn the secret art of milky art 🙂 I find it is so hard to take the first mouthful and destroy the art work………. I hope all goes well with the kick off tomorrow – I so want you to win 🙂 We all send good luck hugs, woofs and meows your way xoxoxo

    • Mary, you are just so great … I hope I get to meet you someday!
      The Kick Off went well. Lots of people, good energy, and a great start to the campaign.

      • Oh my sweet friend. You are so good to ask. I signed up a few days ago for a local women’s hike group. I am so excited to go on my first outing with them and meet them for the first time.

        And how about you? I can tell you are so busy already. And I thought you were busy before!

        It reminds me of a tip I learned long ago when I was a weather forecaster, getting ready to begin training new weather volunteers in rural Vermont. We were taught, “when you need a new volunteer, ask around town to find out who is already involved in a lot of activities. Those are the people who know how to fit one more thing into their lives.”

  3. Oh this looks so delicious, I could sure use one of these to warm me up right now! I’ve always wondered how they make those designs too. Hope your kick off went well, I’m rooting for you from Massachusetts!!

    • (yep … this one was in moderation, too)
      Thanks for rooting for me! The Kick Off was a success … lots of good folks and good energy.
      I sure hope you’ve survived the huge snow storms! I’ve been listening to all the reports … wow!!
      Hope you are well, Susan.

    • Mae, the Kick Off was a success! Now … to continue along the campaign trail. Lots of work ahead of me these next 10 months.
      Hope all is well up there … not sure how much snow you’ve had

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