Ride to Paint Bank

The meet time for the ride: 10:45.  The destination: Paint Bank, a small community in northern Craig County, Virginia.


The train depot dates back to 1909, when Paint Bank was the final stop of the Potts Valley Branch line of the Norfolk & Western Railway, which was expanded during the mining boom of the early 1900’s.


The lodge features a master suite, and 4 guest rooms each with private bath, and a gas fireplace.


The caboose has been renovated into a queen bedroom, complete with it’s own bath.


The Depot and the other buildings in Paint Bank have been beautifully renovated and visitors can shop in the General Store, eat in the Swinging Bridge Restaurant (which really does have a swinging bridge inside it), and explore the water powered Grist Mill.


I’ve ridden to Paint Bank several times through the years and it’s a great place for a stop along the way.  Someday I’ll have to stay the night!

_MG_8121-2_MG_8123-2 _MG_8125-2

It was a misty ride back over the mountains towards home, but despite the dark storm clouds only a few of the 160 miles we rode were truly rainy.  Another fun ride in the books.

And oh yes!

The best sign I saw along the road today was in front of a church: “Noah should have slapped those 2 mosquitos”


44 thoughts on “Ride to Paint Bank

  1. I LOVE watching the evolution of your photos. You inspire me to get out there and start using my camera like its supposed to be used. Gah. I also would love to stay overnight in that caboose. How cool is that?

    And – AMEN – to that sign. Dang skeeters.

    • Such a funny sign! Next time I go I’ll try to get photos of the other buildings, too. It really is a cool little intersection of two state highways (small ones)

    • Seriously! What was he thinking? 🙂
      What a fun part of traveling … I once saw a sign in front of the church that said “There’s no stop, drop, and roll in hell”. Cracked me up!!

  2. Another ‘Norman Rockwell’ town. I am just amazed at all the awesome things you can ride to from home. What a gorgeous place. Cute bicycles out front too and talk about spotless.
    You’ve done a great job of photographing all the sparkling chrome without getting yourself in the reflections. I looked, biggy-fied and looked again thinking you’d be in there somewhere, nope, no luck. I would think that wasn’t too easy to do so Bravo 😀

    • You are so right … I did try to avoid it this time!
      I wish you could see the swinging bridge in the restaurant. So cool! You would love this place!

  3. This looks like a place that I would really dig Laurie, I love the porch and the rocking chairs they are just perfect for having a couple of cold ones 🙂 Love the motorcycle shots too great job on this post .

    • It would indeed be a perfect place to rock and have a beer … the depot sits at the intersection of two rural state roads, and lots of bikes roll through.

  4. I love that cute building, LB – and am desperately in love with the two red pushbikes outside (I’ve asked Santa for something along those lines this year, but I don’t like my chances!). You definitely live in a beautiful part of the world – and we are all so fortunate to be experiencing a lot of it with you. Thanks for taking us along for the ride! xoxoxoxox

    • Oh I hope you get your Christmas wish!! Dani, you always have a place to stay should you ever get to my part of the world, you have a place to stay!

  5. What a charming place. I love the window boxes and the dark green rocking chairs. It really feels like the past lingers in the corners, doesn’t it? I hope you’ve sent them copies of your stunning photos. They could sell your photo cards in the general store.

  6. The Paint Book store and restaurant are really cool. We stopped in on our way to the State Fair of West Virginia last month. Great drive.

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