You all understand the thrill of vacation.  The planning and preparation are over and the travel is about to begin!  I’ll be heading out to the Chesapeake Bay and then Bethany Beach, DE (by truck) and then back home to switch vehicles and head out on the bike to Kentucky.  Needless to say, I am excited!


This photo is from my annual gathering with the GOAs.  We’ll be returning to this same island and I cannot wait to get to the Bay and bring out the camera.

002 (5)

Gwynn Island is quite remote and I’m not even sure there is cell coverage. I do that know there is no internet, which means that I’ll be missing out on all of your gorgeous photos, captivating stories, and interesting updates.  Please let me know of any particularly important ones that I’ll miss while gone.

See ya soon!!

48 thoughts on “Vacation!

      • Torrential rains has been the rule rather than the exception, unfortunately. I think they got a little riding in before the cloudbursts. So glad you’ll be able to get out and ride!!!!

    • Oh Lynda … I’m embarrassed to admit how many photos I’ve already taken! Yikes!! 🙂
      It’s been such a fun vacation so far!!

  1. Boy howdy, I know what you’re talking about. Vacation means so much more than just the days themselves, but also the planning and the people and the stories that are told. So glad you’re in the middle of all that.

    • Crystal, I’ve just come back from 6 days of travel and exploring the coast (fabulous!) and tomorrow I leave on the bike 🙂 Life is good!

  2. It is a treat to be traveling with good friends. All the more wonderful when you can anticipate the beauty and fun that lie ahead. I’m looking forward to pictures from the road. I know they’ll be magnificent through your clever eyes.

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