Shop Window

The conference is over and it’s time to attend to an overfull week; a week filled with work, other commitments, and thankfully, with play. So while I’m anxious to share the photos from the auction, I’ll have to put that labor of love off for a few days.

As that long successful day drew to a close, winter’s setting sun lent beauty to dirty shop windows and the machines used to punch metal.

_MG_1470 _MG_1472 _MG_1471

28 thoughts on “Shop Window

    • Thank you Robyn. I thought I was done shooting for the day and I saw that pale light coming through and ran back for the camera 🙂

  1. I love all the shots Laurie, the two window shots are cool, the last one with the shadows is great and I have been trying to figure out if the machine with the yellow wheel is a chop saw or something else. The light in all the photos is spectacular. Really nice work and have a great day 😀

  2. I love the natural lighting. It has a softening effect, and can transform even the mundane to show a beauty all their own. However, today the window’s have it! It is the shadow play, and the fact that in the first shot there is a story there.

    At some point that window lost two panes to blunt force trauma, if you will. ( 😉 ) Whoever put in the new panes of glass cared less for cleaning them, than just closing up the hole in the window!

    Laurie, how did you find the auction?

    • Ahem, you’ll have to forgive my finger’s this morning as they insist on putting in apostrophe’s whenever they encounter an s at the end of a word. 😉

    • you are so observant!! I didn’t even notice that 🙂 The auction was fascinating!! I loved the culture of people there, the history of a successful business, and the auction process itself! I ended up staying for almost 10 hours, taking pics and supporting my friends, the business owners!

  3. Well Lynda’s very observant. She should be a detective like Monk. I looked back and gads, she’s totally right 😀 I guess no time for window cleaning when there’s a job to do, makes it all the more mysterious.

    • I missed that, too!! I was intent on the light and the shadows …
      The day of the auction, I had more fun asking questions and hearing stories of days gone by – like the time a brand new crane, 110 feet, was delivered and fell over on it’s side in the parking lot!!
      It was a great day (especially because it was a success!)

  4. I like Lynda’s comment – I was puzzled by the symmetry of dirty and clean panes – my story was way more mundane than hers – I was wondering why someone cleaned one side and not the other….. sigh – no imagination!

    I actually really like the third photo – the dust is thick and seems to separate yesterday from today – I imagine the room as undisturbed for many years and the outside world just a dim memory through that dusty window [ah, there’s my imagination – phew, I thought I’d lost it!] …..I wonder if the dust motes are visible inside the room…..

    • I LOVE your imagination!! The idea of undisturbed dust and only half the panes of glass cleaned is wonderful. You are all so clever and creative!

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