Taking a Break

This year’s Annual Meeting of the Virginia Council of Nurse Pracitioners is being held at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia.  During one brief break period, I dashed outside to feel the warmth of the winter sun and to use the camera to photograph something besides NPs in the conference setting.

The Reston Town Center has an outdoor Ice Skating Pavilion and on this beautiful, 60 degree day, I was drawn to photograph this unique facility against the bright blue sky.


The strong lines of the human made structure against the natural clouds and trees provided a striking contrast.

IMG_1770 _MG_1775 _MG_1776

When I finally directed my gaze downward, I had to smile at what I saw.

_MG_1787 IMG_1768

Refreshed and energized, I headed back inside to continue the work of the conference.

Celebrating 40 Years!!  Nurse Practitioners: Your Partners in a Healthier Tomorrow!


32 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. I love that look!!!!! A wonderful contrast that makes each element shine!!!! That rink facility is fab!!!!! And 60+ degrees is something I can only dream of!!!!! Hugs…………..

    • Here in Southwest Virginia, we are alternating between days at 60 degrees and days at 20. Everyone was outside playing yesterday, yet we may have one more storm this coming week.
      I did enjoy watching the ice skaters 🙂

      • It truly is a time of “battle” between the warm/cold seasons!!!!! We, here in the upper Midwest, are so looking forward to this coming week of above “normal” temps…….mid to, maybe, upper 40’s!!!!!!!! Hugs…………….

    • Isn’t that bear funny? It sure made me smile! As evening came on and the temps was still in the 50s, that rink sure filled up!

    • Thanks, Joe! I do love the camera … I stil have so much more to learn though.
      I was the “official” photographer for the conference I’m attending, and even though it was not a paid gig (other than a glass or two of wine), I was so nervous about shooting indoors in all that flourescent lighting. What to do? Keep it on Auto! Normally I hate to do that, but I didn’t want to take a chance that they wouldn’t turn out.

      • I think two glasses of wine constitutes payment Laurie, LOL. Thats cool you were designated “official photographer”. When in doubt keep it on auto but you should really experiment with indoor shooting casual non important gigs 😀 Have a great day.

      • Yes … non-important gigs for sure!
        I’ve decided I need to take a vacation strictly for learning the camera. Someday, right?
        Sigh …

    • I too, thought the architecture was beautiful … I loved that the sky and the surrounding buildings were visible through the top of the structure.
      And thanks for the positive comment about NPs!

  2. So pretty and no shovelling with a covered rink, that’s perfect. It’s a perfect postcard! I’m drawn to the symmetry of the rink dome followed by the building in the background and then eventually the trees to. Good planning makes it so pleasing to the eye.

    You were probably the most fun NP there! Did you have to present any papers? Did you have any guest speakers you liked? Have a safe trip home LB!

    • I did not give a talk at this conference, but instead served as unofficial photographer! Payment: a couple glasses of wine 🙂
      It was alot of fun and we had a great time, in addition to hearing some excellent speakers, celebrating the success of our organization AND our increasing ability to provide complete, autonomous healthcare to our patients,

    • I happened to see that yesterday was the last day for skating here in Reston. The rink was full of happy skaters when I went out last evening 🙂

  3. What a smart woman you are: head into the sunshine to fill your gas tank. I love the second photo the best for combining with nature’s structure, the light on the steel, and the clouds through the plexiglass. Thanks for being an NP – you guys are my heroes.

    • Crystal, thanks for the NP comment!! I’m proud to be a part of the profession.
      And the photo – it did combine human and natural structures. Gorgeous day, that one

    • 40 years is awesome, isn’t it? I’m grateful for all those who worked so hard to pass the laws to let me do what I do. I compare the founding NPs to the Suffragettes (and the NPs owe the Suffragettes BIG TIME)

  4. Very fine photos! I’m particularly fond of the third one down. I really like the composition of that one.

    • The conference was great AND it served as my first opportunity to do a major photo shoot. Yikes! Photos inside, under flourescent lighting. oh my!
      All went well and my payment? A glass of wine 🙂 Life is good!

      • Hurray! Glad you enjoyed the challenge and the lovely wine.

        Fluorescent lighting is cheap to operate. Beyond that, I see nothing to recommend it. That annoying buzz, the unflattering light, and our inability to take good pictures. Many of the engineers I’ve know over the years simply turn it off in the office if they can because it is so distracting.

    • It was fun to watch those just out for a fun time, others taking lessons, others practicing hockey moves, and those with what looked to me like real talent.

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