So thankful for all of you, my wordpress family


On this day of Thanksgiving and beyond, may you enjoy health and happiness …

no matter where you live in this great big world.

34 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Hey, Laurie, My Biker Babe Sista! Great post and beautiful photo! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, honey. I’m riding this weekend in homage to you, your awesome blog, and incredible spirit. I know that you’ll be with me in spirit. And, I’ll be sure to pump some of the energy and zeal back to you, sis. Big Hugs! Love, BigLizzy

    • I’m so glad you’ll be riding!! I’ll be thinking of you and riding vicariously with you, and I’ll happily take that energy and zeal. You are awesome. Ride Safe!!

    • So nice to hear from you! Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday … the focus is on all the right things and no shopping or gift giving!!

    • Heather, I had to do a little research on the Canadian Thanksgiving and did not realize that it has origins back to the late 1500s! I love the focus on harvest and family, just like ours. It’s my favorite holiday!

      • yes…mid 1500’s…interesting to be able to trace it back. In the 1920’s it was during the week of November 11th to coincide with Armistice Day then changed to the second Monday in October in 1931 and Armistice Day became Remembrance Day. While the date changed a bit the focus has always remained the same…harvest, family, and past blessings!

    • And I hope yours was as well, Lynda! I’d been thinking about you and hoping all is well since your last post about quilting. I know you have very, very full hands!!

      • It is, and thank you! BTW, I only just realized that I have titled my latest post after yours. And I thought I was so clever… I’m sorry! 😯

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