Horse Hair!

I finally had a chance to visit my friend Bill and his wife Pat yesterday, and whenever I visit them, I get to visit the horses as well.  The sun, the lens flare, the location of the horses (and my gimpy leg) made photography a bit of a challenge.

Doesn’t the light just add to the beauty of these beautiful animals?

033 - Copy 033

033 - Copy (2)





17 thoughts on “Horse Hair!

    • That is exactly the message I was trying to send. Thank you for picking up on that, Lynda. And yes … the leg was the point of impact and I’m still a bit slow and gimpy.

  1. You sure used the light well in your photo’s LB. In fact, back lighting is the preferred situation in people portraits too (less truthy, ha)
    I love that I can see her eye lashes and I want to climb on the fence and whisper a little secret into her ear 😀 I’ve never had much luck on a horse, they recognize right away that I’m a greenhorn. But your angelic portraiture of your friend here makes her entirely approachable. I think she’s beautiful. (apologies if she’s a he 😀 )

    • I loved the eyelashes, too! and the highlighting of all the hair, actually.
      And hey … check back tomorrow for my Boomdee post 🙂 I sure hope you will reblog it, Kelly, if you feel comfortable doing so. I can’t wait to share it with my family and friends!!

      • oh, I can’t wait LB, that’s a great way to start my week 😀 I sure will reblog, thank you. You’re just too nice. I’m so glad you like the T. I had a great time making it. xK

  2. Sorry I get so far behind, just not enough computer time to read, research and being a slow typist – well that is the reason – not the excuse. I apologize.

  3. I am always captivated by your zoomed in perspective. Somehow focusing on a part helps me see the whole image. So I can look at the final image of backlit horsehair, then move back to the first image, and I have a deeper understanding of what I’m seeing.

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