The First Glimpse

This was my first glimpse of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  After a chilly, 4 hour ride, I was so excited to be getting close, I just had to pull over alongside the highway and stare.


This is also my first real glimpse of the photos from that fateful ride.  I look forward to the weekend and an opportunity to spend more time reviewing and editing the images.

After the weekend: my first oral surgery!!

27 thoughts on “The First Glimpse

  1. Everything is still so lush and green, awesome. BTW, isn’t Dolly Pardon from The Smokey Mountains? You were sure up high, great view from there! Good luck with the surgeon Laurie and hope every day is a little brighter! 😀 xK

    • Thanks! I’m off to the dentist in 15 minutes to discuss root canals … ugh! But hey, it could be so much worse, right? I found out yesterday that after I was hit, I flew 13 feet in the air, with the bike and then slid another 30 ft after the bike hit the ground. How on EARTH did I not have more injuries????? (Yes, Dolly has a theme park outside the Smokys – I love her!)

      • Geeeez Louise LB, it’s a miracle that you aren’t in ICU. If you stop to think about how bad it really could have been, it’s shocking that you came out of it. Good luck at your appointment. One day at a time, hey? Stay well. Gentle hugs xK

  2. Beautiful view of the mountains from where you pulled over. After what you have been through the oral surgeon will be a walk in the park, you won’t feel a thing (you will be out cold). Good to see you posting again. 😀

    • Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that view? That is exactly what I was thinking too! On the way to the dentist to discuss root canal after implant placement! Ugh (but seriously … no complaints … see my reply to Boomdee previously)

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to post more photos (and also to get back to more blogs! I’m so behind since the wreck, but hope to do some blog viewing today after the dental appointment

  3. Great shot, LB! Get stronger with each post! I just started reading A Walk In The Woods, a lot about the Smokies. Good luck with the surgery. Get well!

    • Thanks Jim! I enjoyed a Walk in the Woods. I’m on the way to the dentist this morning to discuss root canals after oral surgery. No complaints though! as I keep sayiing … I’m a lucky woman!

  4. Great shot, LB! Get stronger with each post! I just started reading A Walk In The Woods, a lot about the Smokies. Good luck with the surgery. Get well!

  5. So glad that you are getting into motion, even if it is only on the computer, LB. I look forward to seeing more as you are able. Wishing you only the best next week for your surgery.
    (((o))) <—- (big hugs) 😉

  6. Hi there LB 🙂 I’ve just read about you and you’re blog on The Visual Chronical. I’m sorry to hear about your accident, hope you’ll be feeling better.
    I also like your photos.

    Have a nice day!

    • Oh thank you Klaudia! So nice to hear from you and I look forward to checking out your blog (as soon as I get back from a dental appointment – my teeth, among other things, were broken / knocked out in the wreck).

  7. 13 feet in the air and a skid of 30. You should count your blessings… Wishing you well. A week before my first surgery I went to the dentist. I had 3 cavities that needed to be fixed. Since it was so close to the operation, he refused to give me novocaine. I clutched my hands and recited Hail Mary’s through the process…. As they put you out, remember that is a blessing too!

    • OH MY GOSH, Mae!!
      Talk about adding “insult to injury” (so to speak)! You are one strong woman, for certain!!
      Not a moment goes by that I do not think about how very fortunate I am, in any number of ways!

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