My friend Ruth and I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia  this past weekend, the latest installment in our annual road trip to watch the Hokies.  As avid Virginia Tech Football fans (and basketball fans, too, for that matter),  we choose one away game to attend each year.  We’ve traveled to Chapel Hill, NC;  Huntington, WVa;  Morgantown, WVa; and to Washington, DC and Atlanta twice.  We try to find a town or place to explore along the way, and search out the historic downtown of any community we visit.  This was our 5th year in a row, and our 7th road trip overall.

We posed for the traditional start of the trip photo and then hit the road!


The normal 6 1/2 hour trip turned into 9 due to a combination of Friday afternoon rush hour, labor day weekend, and football traffic.  A stop in Kings Mountain, NC and dinner at the Cherokee Grill was just what we needed.



We finally saw the lights of Atlanta a little after 10pm.  I was so excited about finally arriving that I attempted to take a picture … with my cell phone … while Ruth navigated the interstate at 65mph!  This picture doesn’t reflect it, but the night skyline of Atlanta is beautiful!


The next day dawned hot and muggy, but we had plenty of time to explore a few of the neighborhoods of Atlanta while waiting for game time. Theresa, our host for the weekend, was an excellent tour guide.

Photography on a trip with friends is a bit of a challenge.  How do you find time to shoot quality images while spending time with friends?  I definitely want to document the trip but I don’t want to spend all my time behind the lens.

We explored the neighborhood near Emory University and had a delicious breakfast at the Rise-n-Dine.

030 027 021 017


Theresa drove us through the Krog Street Tunnel, which is known for it’s street art.  I jumped out of the car and had less than a minute to shoot what the locals call their “living bulletin board and urban art gallery”.

042 043 045 046

The CNN Center and Olympic Park were both crawling with Tide and Hokie fans, although Virginia Tech fans were far outnumbered.





Virginia Tech met Alabama in the Georgia Dome, and while we did not beat the #1 team in College Football, our defense was outstanding.  We held them to fewer yards and our offense gained more yards than most teams did in 2012.

069 080

Sunday morning came quickly and it was time to head back home.  We briefly stopped in Spartanburg, SC and I wish we’d had more time to visit.  The downtown area, while quiet for a Sunday, showed evidence of historic renovation and revitalization.

Loved this Urban Art installation called Artcycle.


The sun was bright at midday and the photos aren’t the best, but the artcycles were great!


098 095

Locally owned businesses have the most creative signage and curb appeal.

103 104

We were back in Radford in the late afternoon and had a short visit with friends who had gathered for labor day.  A lovely way to end the weekend … even if we did miss the music.


28 thoughts on “Atlanta!

  1. What a great tradition. I love that you do that together each year.

    The bicycle art is terrific. I’m of course partial to the lattice garden, but the hobby horse is quite clever too. I’m glad you survived the art tunnel. You’re a woman dedicated to her blog.

      • I do too! San Jose at a Sharks installation, similar idea but each artist received a pre-formed shark to design as they wished. They were installed for a time in a walkable area of the city, then auctioned off. I love the bike idea since they’ve recycled something with purpose. Great fun.

  2. Are you the least bit whipped from your social schedule? LOL, I might be, but how fun to see all these awesome towns and cities. Ya’ all take the football purty serious down there (I’m trying to sound southern). The stadium is gorgeous, look at the ceiling. I loved the photo of the babes playing in the water park, they look so refreshed, I can almost hear them giggling and having a blast. You’re right about independent business, I’m always keen to eat at their establishments before a chain. That’s a clever name ‘Rise-n-Dine’….I enjoy eating breakfast food all day long and often do make pancakes for supper. I like the ‘Ghost-bike’ best, if that’s what they were going for…I’m all about old stuff and I fancy that vintage horse. Thanks for the tour, you’re a cutie at the ballgame 😀

    • Your southern accent is just divine, dahling!
      And believe me, I wanted to get in that water park! It was some kind of hot in Atlanta!!
      You are awesome … we should travel together 🙂

  3. wow…fabulous adventure you and your friend had…love all the photos! I know what you mean about the lights of the Atlanta skyline at night…I’ve gone through the city for the last 8 years twice a year and have yet been able to take a respectable shot from my vehicle window…the speed of the traffic is crazy…at least when I’ve gone through…your shot is great!

  4. LB, for someone who was rushed for photographing chances, well you certainly captured some amazing sights! Faves: Columns and tree, Kids in the fountain, and Artcycle. If your team ever plays Alabama here in Alabama, I do hope you will plan to be here. I would love the meet you. 🙂

  5. Our tastes in travel are almost identical…loved everything you showed.The bicycle art…omg!!!! Very cool! I adore Atlanta, we have talked thru the years of moving there…just never happened. It is so fun to follow along….if I can’t be there♥

    • I would have loved to have seen more of that bicycle art – what an awesome idea! Yes, we do have very similar tastes and I too, am glad we can follow each other around 🙂

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