2013 Bike Adventure: Delaware Beaches and Historic Towns

The best part about being an early riser is getting to see the sun come up.

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Then the morning got even better because I got to use this wonderful outdoor shower!  What a treat!


The plan for the day included visiting with friends from Virginia who just happened to be vacationing in Delaware at the same time that I was visiting.  Until I met up with them though, I decided to attempt to work on editing / uploading photos.  Kool Beans was the perfect place for a delicious breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

As much as I love a road trip, I usually spend so much time exploring that I don’t have enough time for quietly relaxing.  This morning, though, I decided to do just that and it was lovely!  I even took some time to read.


Soon though, it was time to head to Rehobeth.  Riding Rt 1 along the Atlantic Ocean, I was excited to get to go over … you guessed it … a bridge!!  The Indian River Inlet Bridge opened to traffic in 2012, replacing several  bridges before it.  I pulled over to take this shot and could even have walked over on the pedestrian / bicycle lane in order to get better photos, but I needed to get on down the road.


Once I got to Rehobeth, I was just about done in by the traffic, the search for a parking space, and the time spent trying to pay for parking.  Thank goodness I was able to meet up with good friends, who also put extra quarters in the parking meter for me (this photo taken by a friend, with a cell phone).


I’m more used to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which is less developed and less crowded, but the ocean is still a thrill and I was glad to be able to play in it for a bit.


After the beach, we headed to Mike and Kellie’s home in Milton, DE.  Milton is “the birthplace of five governors, a town divided in allegiance during the Civil War, home to many officers who participated in the famous War of 1812, and rich in both agricultural and political facts and figures” (http://www.historicmilton.com/about-milton.html).

Mike, Ralph, and I (and Mike’s dog, Rosie) took a walk around this historic community.


Mike is an excellent (and funny!) tour guide.  For some reason, this cabin, built in 1781, was open to passersby and Ralph and I had to check it out.

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It was a beautiful evening and I just could not stop taking pictures!




320 323 324

We briefly explored an old cemetery



Visited the Dogfish Head Brewery (unfortunately, we were not able to take a Brewery Tour)

350 357

And enjoyed some quiet time in the yard


The ride back to Bethany was marked by reaching the 4000th mile on the new bike as I watched a gorgeous sunset.

Life is good!


34 thoughts on “2013 Bike Adventure: Delaware Beaches and Historic Towns

  1. Once again a wonderful post LB. I’m an early riser too which is why I have so many sunrise photos, not to mention the better quality of light. I really wish I owned that desk it looks awesome. Dogfish is good stuff thats one brewery I haven’t been to. It’s one of the beers on tap at a local pub up here (this afternoons post at 3:30). Also love the sunset photo, have a great day 😀

  2. I really love the dark silloette of the grass on the morning sky. I must admit, you don’t see too many sunrises downtown, too many tall buildings. It must be totally cool to live in this part of America. Amazing to think you’re walking (biking) in the footsteps of so much history.

    Pretty funky tree house. Looks like they even fabricated the tree too. Great place to celebrate ‘400’, you’ve squeezed every once of adventure out of it, that’s for sure.

    • I’ve told so many people that I never realized when I planned this trip just how much history I’d be learning or historic places I would see. I do live in the “youngest” part of the country from a “white people came to the continent” perspective.
      So, I have 2 more days of the trip to write about … phew! It’s been fun for me to get it all down on paper (so to speak) and to relive the trip, but I’m sure others are saying enough already.
      And from a FB perspective, people think I’ve been vacationing forever! People say “don’t you ever work”. Sheesh!!
      Thanks so much for always visiting and commenting! I think of you often 🙂

  3. This is a fascinating post LB and thank you for all
    of these excellent pictures, they are brilliant, especially
    the last one 🙂 Have a wickedly enjoyable Monday 🙂

    Andro xx

      • I am following you but I rarely get any updates, not just for you, I mean everyone but I will continue ton call in at random and see what you have been adding 🙂 🙂 In the meantime enjoy your travels and have lots of fun 🙂


    • Mae, it was such a fun time and there was so much more that I didn’t get to see. Like the Delaware Seashore State Park. I’ll need to go back for sure!

  4. What a lovely post! Thanks for your visit to Travelsandtrifles! My very large family has a vacation reunion at Rehobeth every year. Since we gather from all over only twice a year none of us ever misses it. Thanks for the reminder of many terrific visits!!

  5. Lovely as always, LB! I had to smile at the little tin building ( the picture after the gorgeous hibiscus). The tin looks just like what will be coming off of our roof at the Mountain Farmlet. We told the roofer that it is to be saved for us, so that we can use it in just such a manner! Waste not want not, right? 😉

    • That building just really caught my eye … whether the rust, the shadows, the colors … whatever it was, I just had to photograph it. So glad you’ll be able to put your old roof to good and new use!!

  6. I’m glad you shared cemetery photos because I love old headstones, and particularly in your part of the world, where cemeteries can be so very old. Showering outside, how fun! The metal treehouse is wonderful. And also, I enjoy very much seeing the people you love and share your time with. I know it’s personal, and I’ll cherish them for you. 🙂

    • Thanks Crystal … being able to see friends was another bonus to this year’s trip … and different from the past 3 years.
      It’s so good to know that you “get it”!

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