2013 Bike Adventure: Point Lookout / St. Mary’s City

After hiking to Calvert Cliffs (and patching up my feet), I got back on the bike and headed down Rt 235 to the tip of Southern Maryland.  The rural route offered minimal traffic and the beautiful scenery of this largely agricultural peninsula.

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My destination for the afternoon was Point Lookout State Park.  The park was the location of a prisoner of war camp after the battle of Gettyburg, and both Confederate soldiers and Maryland civilians were imprisoned at Point Lookout.  More than 52,000 prisoners were kept there, with only tents for protection and over 3300 prisoners died.

Despite it’s tragic past, the State Park is a beautiful place to visit.  The lighthouse began operating in 1830,  was deactivated in 1966, and is only open to the public once a month and during designated times.  Point Lookout has the reputation of being the most haunted lighthouse in America, and that reputation has led to incidences of vandalism, the most recent this past spring.

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I was drawn to this little white structure but have no idea what it’s historical significance is as there was no signage.


It was a warm, windy day and the midday sun was almost too bright for photography.

239 220

The wind and the tide had the waves crashing into the rocks, and the energy of the wind and the water made me laugh with happiness.

228 227 226 238

All that remains of a seaside resort, this wheel was part of the power plant that provided power to the resort.


Finally, it was time to move on down the road to the city of St. Mary’s, where I would be meeting friends for dinner and staying the night. It was almost 5pm and I’d been riding. hiking, and exploring since leaving Annapolis that morning.  Before leaving though, I just had to get my feet in the water, and oh, it felt great!


Established in 1634, Historic St. Mary’s City is the site of Maryland’s first capital.  It was a thriving community until the capital was moved to Annapolis.  The city is one of America’s best preserved Archeological sites and is a National Historic Landmark.

The Brick Chapel of 1667, is being rebuilt,  305 years then after Maryland Governor Seymour ordered the sheriff to lock the Roman Catholic chapel and see that it was never again used for worship


These wooden structures, called ghost frames, designate where archaeologists have discovered 17th-century buildings


By now I had developed quite a thirst and while filling up the tank, I asked a local where I might be able to get a beer looking as sweaty and hot as I did (and I don’t mean hot in a good way!).



The Green Door provided a wonderfully cold beer and when I tried to pay my tab, the bartender insisted that she buy it for me.  How cool was that!


I rode on to meet up with Barbara and Glenn at their home, after which we went to the home of Barbara’s parents.  I’ve known these friends since the 70s when we were all living the military life in Northern Virginia.  We had a marvelous evening of good food, friendship, and conversation, and I so enjoyed learning more about their family members who were originally from St. Mary’s County.  Somehow I did not have my camera (what???), so I am posting a photo from the reunion we all had in April of this year at Jefferson Vineyards outside Charlottesville, Va.


What a day!!  It was few on miles, only 110, but long on fun and adventure, and I was ready for bed!

16 thoughts on “2013 Bike Adventure: Point Lookout / St. Mary’s City

  1. Great story line and photos LB. My wife would love to visit the Point Lookout Lighthouse if it is haunted she is really into that. Also really love the feet in the water shot and the bartender buying you a beer. Have a great day 😀

  2. My gosh Laurie, this trip is like right out of the pages of Country Living Magazine! What a fantastic place. The Ghost buildings are really interesting and named perfectly. I wonder if that little building was maybe, ‘solitaire confinement’? No windows makes me wonder. I can almost smell the air looking at the crashing wake to the rocky shore, is the water warm there?

    • You should have been there with me! The water was warm and lovely and perfect for wading. And those ghost buildings were so neat … I loved that I could tell where people lived centuries ago.

      • I would just die to cruise thru these old towns and who doesn’t like free beer? I bet she thought your sunny personality was so refreshing, just like stepping of the shore. It’d be fun in one of those sidecars….you should drive, I’d be rotten at it, LOL.

  3. More lovely things you bring to see!
    But secretly, I like that tractor best of all! We need a tractor where we will be going. Bob would say it is too old, but I think it is just right! 😉

      • Oh too funny!! I actually turned the bike around to get the shots of the tractor! It really caught my eye! Maybe it wasn’t a kubota but it sured looked good with all those watermelons on the back, didn’t it? Tell Bob hello!

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