Myrtle Beach on the Bike: The Bars, Restaurants, and Music (and Pay to Pee!)

This is the third in a series of posts about Myrtle Beach Bike Week and my experience as a first timer.

No doubt, the people and the bikes are a big draw to Bike Week, but it is also the bars, restaurants and music that make for happening times.  Our first stop was SuckBangBlow, the bar whose website boasts the fact that “you can ride through the front doors, right up to the bar, and order a cold one!”.






The food at The Dead Dog Saloon was so yummy!


And there is an entire wall devoted to photos of beloved dogs that have passed on.


At The Beaver Bar, Brooks Paul, The Prince of Rock, the  12 year old lead singer of a rock band (the rest of the members are adults) played Journey, Foreigner, Queen, The Who and Led Zeppelin.



Almost as soon as I got to Myrtle Beach, my friend Billy told me that he had a few things he needed to teach me about Bike Week.  One of those lessons? The folks who keep the Porta Johns clean expect to be tipped.

 Need to pee?  Bring a dollar!  I’d never heard of such a thing!

On the other hand, I’ve used a lot of Porta Johns at football games and outdoor concerts and it can be a scary experience.  These potties?  Sparkling clean!  And you get to choose from a variety of hand cleanser, lotion and sunscreen once done!  Great Deal!



At the Causeway Grill and Bar, we heard the Josh Brannon Band.



And finally, on a beautiful Monday evening, we heard Sunny Ledfurd at The Boathouse.






This little one enjoyed the music as much as we did!


Warm summer days and nights. Inexpensive beer. Music, outdoors, with no cover charge.

No complaints!

Coming up: The Fourth and Final post – The Beach of Myrtle Beach

8 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach on the Bike: The Bars, Restaurants, and Music (and Pay to Pee!)

  1. “Pay to Pee” is so European! I don’t mind since I’ve found the bathrooms are usually cleaner at the pay ones. Looks like you’re having a great time!!

  2. What a good time you’re having girl! I can’t imagine a 12 year old able to carry those throaty rockin’ tunes but he certainly looks the part. I think that port-a-john idea is fab! Well worth a dollar. I’m thinking that’s the funniest bar name ever made, SBB…LOL

    • No kidding! What a name! The feminist in me struggles with that part of the biker culture … but I loved the pay to pee concept. I’d jokingly ask a friend if she needed to go and say “my treat” 🙂

  3. Pay for peeing should get you ready for international travel. I was as surprised as you at first, but apparently it’s more common elsewhere. I support the idea of sparkling clean toilets for a buck! This is such a fun post. Thank you for sharing the good times. It was certainly a taste of being there myself.

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