Myrtle Beach on the Bike: The People and The Bikes

This is the second in a series of posts about Myrtle Beach Bike Week and my experience as a first timer.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week – motorcycles, music, people, bars (some only in business during bike week / 2-3 weeks per year) and restaurants – so many sites to see and things to do.  I was there for less than 48 hours and still managed to walk on the beach, log some miles on the bike, listen to fun music, enjoy good food and drink, and spend time with great friends.

People watching is a favorite activity.  Find a rocking chair, a beer, and watch the bikes and people go by.


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The problem I had with the rows of rocking chairs is that they were lined up right in front of where I had to back the bike into a long line of bikes.  Do you know how unnerving that is? Angle the bike wrong and the whole row goes down … or at least that was my fear.  Knowing everyone was watching made me even more nervous.  Deciding to make a positive out of a potential negative, I jokingly asked the crowd for a little love.  Everyone began to cheer and clap and I backed in without problem.  Phew!




Once the bike was parked, I was able to grab a cold one, hang with my friends and get down to some serious people watching.

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Juli and I with our multi-tatted friend

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Then there are the bikes!  The models, colors, styles, and sheer individuality of them would keep you busy for hours.

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Of course for me, the best part was having an unplanned, extra day off from work and using it to spend time on the bike and with friends. It was a fabulous mini-vacation!

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Next Post:  The Music, Bars, and Restaurants

11 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach on the Bike: The People and The Bikes

  1. I love it. We entered a similar scene in Memphis a few summers ago and it was cool to people- watch the bikers (and their biker pets!–ie a pair of bulldogs sporting biker vests in the motorcycle side car).

    • I love to see the biker pets, too!! The devotion of both pet and owner is pretty neat to see. I’ve not yet been to Memphis, but hope to soon. Thanks so much for visiting 🙂

  2. Awesome time with amazing people. And yes, those bikes and the places they’d been make me envious. I admire you zest to do after life’s many adventures. My father-in-law bikes and I bet he would love to be in these places with the most fun people around.

  3. Ok, note to self: check names on chairs before sitting down. I’d be much happier in the Serenity chair than Wild Beaver..LOL. Looks like the people watching would keep you busy.

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