Signs of Spring … in the NRV

I’m not much of a gardener.  The colors in my yard are there by luck and happenstance (okay maybe a teeny bit of work by me).   Thankfully others, including Mother Nature, have placed color in my yard, along my drive to work, outside my office and in the farms nearby.



Well … wine is colorful too, right?


The New River



Not the best photo, but those cows were watching every move I made



Too bad about those power lines in these next two


Guess I should learn more about photo editing


It’s almost time for the first bike trip!!

7 thoughts on “Signs of Spring … in the NRV

  1. My gosh you live in a beautiful place. Love the photo with the giant golden tree, punctuated by little red garage. I’ve notice how cows seem to want to see what’s up, I don’t eat meat so they’d just be a field of big pets, HA.

    • you know, that photo was a favorite too, even though it’s a bit blurred. The colors were beautiful! And you should have seen those cows … the way they moved up so slowly … it was like zombie cows. You would have loved it! (and they you since you don;t eat meat!!)

  2. Love the landscape with the red barn on the right. The lighting is fabulous. Like the fence too! You sure see some beautiful sights. Blessings, Robyn

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