History Preserved: Williamsburg

The majority of my time in Williamsburg was spent in meetings and seminars related to Nurse Practitioners and healthcare.  Thankfully I found one hour of time, early one morning, to walk the restored area and take some pictures.











I’m back home after an 8 day, 900 mile trip for business and pleasure around Virginia!  Thanks for following me along the way!

18 thoughts on “History Preserved: Williamsburg

  1. LB – I wanted to stop by and say “Hi” and “Thanks” for visiting Enthusiast Photographer! I’m not sure how you found your way there, but you’re exactly the kind of person I like to see!

    I see you spend a lot of time in Southeastern Virginia, which is where my whole family is from! I’ve spent a lot of time in many of the places I see on your blog – keep taking photos and having fun!

    • Yes, this recent trip was all about southeastern Virginia or more accurately, what some call the Golden Crescent. I’m always happy to get back to southwest Virginia though … mountains call to me! Thanks for writing – I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog!

    • I wasn’t sure what to call that either – but I loved it! (and was slightly disappointed with how the photo turned out). What a neat way to get the gate to close on it’s own. I haven’t been to Monticello in years, but find it a fascinating place for sure!

    • I had to go back to your blog to see that you lived in Virginia at one point. You may not be able to reveal this publicly yet but are you moving back to Va or just visiting?

    • I very much appreciate the comment … they aren’t the typical Williamsburg shots (except for the last one), but I like them. Thank you!!

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