The Remains of the Tree

No doubt this snowfall was beautiful, and 3 days later the snow is still on the ground because of the cold temperatures – a bit unusual for SWVA.  It was a wet dense snow and it definitely took it’s toll.  Both trees and power lines came down, leaving many without power.

010 (2)

One medium sized pine fell across my driveway and the wood is now stacked up and ready for use. Something about the sun on the wood that next morning caught my eye …

003 (2)


006 (2)

008 (2)

001 (3)

4 thoughts on “The Remains of the Tree

  1. Oh man, those poor power guys. We’ve had many days like this in the spring. Hope everyone stays warm until things get back in order. It’s sad to see a mature tree damaged, but at least it can be used in a warm fire in a few months.

    • They really have been working …we never know how addicted we are to power / water until we lose it. and what would we do without the folks who get it back up and running!

  2. no need to apologize for more snow photos – they are always welcome here:) The next to last one is my favorite, the 90 degree angle of the tree branch shadows is appealing.

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