The “Pinking” of October


When I heard about National No Bra Day I was appalled and angry on behalf of the women (and men) who have battled, or are currently battling, Breast Cancer.  If you have felt a similar concern about the corporate “pinking of October”, please check out these 4 bloggers (the first 3 are new to me) and their recent posts, and then make sure that the money you spend on “pink” in October really does go towards research.

Because that’s what it’s all about  … Saving Lives … not just breasts.

To quote Cancer in My Thirties “We live in a society that makes a huge hoopla about breast cancer while at the very same time trivializing the seriousness of the disease.  How can we be so contradictory?”


Cancer in my Thirties:


The Art of Breast Cancer: The Art of Living and Dying, While Trying to Keep Them Separate:


The Accidental Amazon:


And then there’s Mae, one of my favorite bloggers!!

Mae’s Day