When spring finally does come ’round, the moments of joy are endless.


If you haven’t already done so, I’m sure you are looking forward to getting back outside, putting your hands in the dirt, and bringing color and beauty to your surroundings.  I’m so lucky to have a screened porch to enjoy while creating this blog post.


The bees are buzzing, quite loudly actually, all around my new hanging baskets and the blossoms on the Redbud Tree, all of which have been purchased from local nurseries or greenhouses.

_MG_3929 _MG_3930 _MG_3926

The birds that have nested in the gutters over the carport are adding a beautiful song to the other sounds of spring, and FINALLY, I have found a few basil plants (if you know me at all, Basil is my summer addiction).


I’ll have to bring the pots in every night for a few more weeks, but at least I have some!

Yes, there are chores to be done, and errands to be run, but even accomplishing those things seems easy on a beautiful Sunday in April.  So, until I can get back out on the bike and join my friends, at least I can get my hands back in some dirt, and finish what I started yesterday