I’m a woman who loves spending time on the bike …


and in, or on, any body of water …


I love traveling and reading (and have hosted a monthly book group for the past 1o years), baking and cooking.  I take way too many pictures …


especially of the beautiful outdoors.



When I’m not working as a nurse practitioner, providing healthcare to women,  I can be found spending time with family  and with friends.

Friends who ride … and friends who don’t.

I love following my beloved Hokies, Redskins and Bulldogs (Go Zags!).

I may not have brilliant thoughts or inspiring words to share, and my photography may be just average, but I work very hard so I play hard, too.

I just want to remember and express my joy for the life I live.


103 thoughts on “About

  1. cool! I have a blog that’s been in mothballs for awhile….feeling inspired to dust it off and start blogging again….

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking time to comment on a post. I truly appreciate it. You have a lovely blog and I love the fact that you ride a motorcycle. So adventurous! Be safe and I’ll look forward to your posts. Please visit my blog again soon.

    • Aren’t comments the best? Thanks for yours … and I thoroughly enjoyed your snow pictures. I felt that same excitement with your snow last week. I couldn’t stop shooting all the gorgeous scenes!

  3. Hello, I find your blog very interesting and i want to nominate you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I am not sure how you feel about bloggers award but i will be posting the details soon at Gasm Travels Do let me know how you feel about this. Thank you.

    • What a wonderful message this morning! What do I think? I think it is pretty darn great to have someone think that I’m doing a good job with my blog. The validation is truly appreciated!

    • Easy to confuse them (in writing) for sure! I used to ride several times a week on bicycle and loved it and was in better shape! … then I met the motorcycle. Different times / different seasons.

    • I have no doubt that you will continue your adventures … however you accomplish them! Thanks for the comments and time with my blog 🙂

    • Thanks!! I’ve come along way since I first started blogging a year ago. Your bio is intriguing … will have to spend some time with your blog, Professor!

  4. I just looked through a lot of your posts…wonderful photography. You definitely see beauty around you and have fun! We have a lot in common…books (I just read Born to Run a couple of months ago)…cooking, water sports, etc. ~Sherry~

  5. Hi, I’ve been poking around your blog and I really enjoy it. Today, I posted about female firefighters and male firefighters. It was a challenge from a friend. Would you take a look at it? I value your opinion. Be as honest as you need to be, 20-plus years of journalism thickened my skin! Thanks for all you do for others, btw, my boss also rides and is a nurse. I’m going to show her your blog.

    • I did visit your blog post and replied (possibly too passionately). Look forward to reading more of your posts (and thanks for sharing mine)

  6. Your photographs are definitely not just average, I really like them and of course I like your Space too, I can instinctively know that I am going to enjoy calling in here and seeing and reading about your wonderful adventures 🙂

    I was unable to send you an invite but if you wish to call in just click on one of my comments and request a viewing of my Space, then I will grant you access 🙂 In the meantime have a superb rest of the week and by the way I must say that you look great on that bike 🙂 I am not being familiar, just being friendly.


    • Thank you so much for the comment! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and can tell your dedication to telling the story that others can’t tell.

  7. I can’t believe I’ve not been on your page here? I recognize a couple of the photo’s. I just think the one in the yellow rain coat is a gas. Love your smile there. Looks like someone just gave you a million bucks. What book is your club currently reading? Any recommendations? When the heck do you have time to read? Am I asking too many questions? LOL

    • You know what’s funny, Kelly? Blogging has sucked up so much of my former reading time that I am challenged to read more than a book a month! For October we are reading “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan”. I need to get on that!

      • I totally relate to that. Do let me know what you think about your selection this month. It was recommended by another gal and I’ve had it on my list.

    • Thanks Liana … I sometimes wonder what folks get from my blog, so it’s great to read comments like yours, and others, who are just glad to see happy.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I started this blog as a way to document my travels on the motorcycle. Along the way, I have come to very much enjoy photography I have learned so much from following the blogs of photographers, and I look forward to learning from you as well – I have MUCH to learn 🙂 (I learned about your blog from Leeann Cole).

    • Surprising, eh? 🙂 The Story in Brief: I lived in Richmond while attending the Medical College of Va (now VCU). In 1995, the 1st & 2nd rounds of the NCAA Tournament were held in Richmond and Gonzaga was a Cinderella team. I didn’t have a favorite at that time, so I jumped on the bandwagon … and have been on it ever since 🙂

      • How about that? Bandwagons are meant to be boarded.

        We adopted that team during the late 1990s also, attracted to the Cinderella nature of things – small school, West Coast, conference without any big media coverage and such. It was a good enough reason at the time. And then, without regard to basketball, as it goes, we became a Gonzaga family, with two graduates many years later. As for the basketball teams, they just haven’t seemed to figure it out altogether yet. Maybe this year.

    • Hello!! So glad you came by. I very much like being the driver, but I sure do miss the backseat. Both views are excellent, in my opinion! I checked out both of your blogs … how do you keep up with two?

  8. Just spent some moments “meeting” you in your post of the last month, or so. Wow!!!! I am so glad the outcome of your accident was not worse for your poor body! Bikes (yes, we love ’em) can be replaced, bodies………….. Your guardian angel had a work-out!!!! Of course, for those of us who ride, our angels often have such plights!!! May you truly know the Blessings of Christmas and have a Joy-filled New Year……..gentle hugs……….Doreen

    • Doreen, thank you so much for these kind words … and thank you for visiting Life on the Bike! I am truly a fortunate woman! To be alive and without permanent disability, but also to have been the recipient of so much love and care.
      I do plan to ride again, and hope to have my new bike in the carport by early spring.
      I love riding the twisties (and the big sweeping curves and well, almost any road 🙂 ), and i hope to ride in your neck of the woods someday. What a ride that would be from Southwest Virginia!!
      I’m a quilter but I look forward to learning a bit about it from you!!
      Have a merry, Merry Christmas, full of all those things that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!
      Laurie (or LB)

      • And the same to you, my Dear! We have much in common. Until I retired (2& 1/2 yrs ago) I was a pharmacy technician for 10 yrs (the “gainful” employment I needed to have some Social Security) and loved the profession. I went back to school in ’99 for this. Had I been younger, RPh would have been my goal. I had my own sewing business before that for many years but now have lots of time for those “some day” projects and I’m obsessed(?)/passionate about quilting and helping others to enjoy creating this art form. I’m so glad we “connected”! Hugs and blessings……..

  9. Hey! I stumbled across this doing a search for road signs near my childhood home. Figured you may be interested in a couple of the places you rode through in NC.

    So…Licklog. Hilarious, I know. The old-timers (around 1900) turned an old log into a salt lick on the side of the hill you took the “Plumtree” picture from. The road became known as Licklog. It was also the only “black” community in the county, as many Avery and Jackson slaves remained there after having been freed (before the Civil War, if my great uncle was correct). The road itself remained a dirt road until around 1990, despite the fact that it was relatively well-travelled. In Avery County, it is a good-natured “joshin'” to tell someone they look like they’ve been dragged off the back of Licklog, as the area is synonymous with poverty.

    Plumtree, now only a post office and a church, was once a very busy little town with one of Western North Carolina’s first movie theaters. It was considered for the county seat when Avery was formed (the 100th and final NC county) but was deemed too close to Mitchell County. It was the original site of Lees McCrae College, and Dr Sloop (a local legend in his own right) performed surgery alongside his wife (also a doctor) outside, under either an apple or cherry tree (depends on the person relating the tale) just a few yards from the sign you took a picture of.

    The Tarheel Mica Company (the old buildings that were behind you) employed many locals until just a few years ago. My own grandfather lost part of his finger in a press there after returning from WWII.

    Minneapolis and Cranberry have their own tales, but I’ll leave off here for now. If you are interested in more info regarding the surrounding area, please contact me at ishcairn@yahoo.com.

    Thanks for posting the pics from the area!

  10. You have the most eclectic blog I have ever seen! What varied interests you have and along with your profession, all I can say is how do you keep up? Loving it here! Thanks for finding me so I could retrace the breadcrumbs back to …. well, to all of this beauty!!

  11. Laurie, your photos are far from being average – I love your eye, the eclectic nature of what you shoot, the stories you pen, all of it! I’m a happy new follower 🙂

  12. Hey, I’ve written a piece that mentions a Harley in it. You wouldn’t have any photos of any Harleys you could spare, do you? I’d happily give you credit and add the link to your blog for it. Let me know and Happy Thanksgiving!

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