Greensboro: Denim and The Gate City

Long before becoming the third largest city in North Carolina, Greensboro was known for being the largest denim maker in the world. As Greg and I walked around the city last weekend, we saw many signs of this denim history. As I stopped to capture this mural, the driver of the car that was idling right in front backed up so I could take the shot. How very cool! And how perfect that the guy leaning against the fence was wearing jeans. We stayed at Hotel Denim and would have eaten at Blue Denim restaurant if the tables had not been booked all evening.

To commemorate Greensboro’s rich history with the denim and textile industry, Wrangler, VF Jeanswear spearheaded a public art project, dubbed โ€œJeansboroโ€, of painted jeans sculptures all throughout downtown.

Greensboro is also called Gate City because by 1890 there were more than 60 trains passing through the city each day. It had become a major transportation center, largely because of the denim industry.

We enjoyed the street life, the historic buildings still in use, and visiting the International Civil Rights Center and Museum.

The International Civil Rights Center & Museum opened in 2010 as a comprehensive museum of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. It commemorates the Feb. 1, 1960, beginning of sit-ins at a whites-only lunch counter in Greensboro, by the N.C. A&T Four college students, reflecting careful planning carried out with colleagues at Bennett College. Their non-violent direct action challenged the American People to make good on promises of personal equality and civic inclusion enunciated in the Constitution”.

Did you know that MLK was due to be in Greensboro the day that he was assassinated? He canceled his visit in order to remain in Memphis to continue his work with striking sanitation workers.

We only had 24 hours in Greensboro and are already ready to go back and explore some more!

9 thoughts on “Greensboro: Denim and The Gate City

    • Hey Joe! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you are fully recovered and feeling good!
      Greensboro is such a cool city. I truly do want to go back to explore some more. So many breweries, so little time ๐Ÿ™‚
      Can you tell that many of these are not Fuji images? Not too bad for a 5 yr Android!

  1. Hey honey! If anyone can make a travelog from a 24 hour visit, it’s you! You got a heck of a lot of ground covered. Loved all your photos of this interesting city. I adore architecture of old buildings, the scalloped header over the windows of the International Civil Rights building is really fetching! Also spotted the 1/2 washtub planter in the alley! I love reimagined projects like that. Cheers lovely ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

  2. I love your photos, Laurie. They capture parts of the history of Greensboro, from blue jeans to rail to civil rights, with a visit that must have been educational and inspirational.

  3. This is a fun history, and your photos are so great. Most of these are from your phone? Wow, good job. I really really love the Wrangler mural, and the guy leaned up against the rail. And I have never had someone back their car away from a mural for me, and I think that’s just wonderful. Too bad you couldn’t seal the deal with a meal at Blue Denim, but naturally you will go back someday.

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