10 thoughts on “Frond Unfurled

    • The ferns have made the perfect photo subject this weekend. It’s been so great to be home for once, to spend time in the yard, with camera right near by 🙂

  1. As I unfurl a closed eye to see,
    my lashes flutter like a bee.
    I’m young and pretty, it’s spring I cry,
    with camera in hand as you go by.

    You can’t resist my youthful grace,
    even though I have no face.
    On bended knee, I beg you take,
    a photo for a blog you’ll make.

    Now all can see how pretty I stand,
    upon the soil, in Virginia land.
    They’re wishing they could see,
    how amazing life on a bike could be.

    Original poem for you, with love la Boomdee 😆

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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