The Candler Hotel – Atlanta

The Candler Building was built in 1906 by Coca-Cola magnate and former Mayor Asa Griggs Candler. Standing on the site of one of Atlanta oldest churches, it was the city’s first skyscraper and tallest structure at 17 stories.

Now in the Hilton Curio Collection, the building underwent painstaking restoration and reopened as a hotel in 2019. Some of the features include:

  • Beau-Arts style, drawing upon the principles of French neoclassicism and incorporating Gothic and Renaissance elements
  • Picturesque, hand-carved marble staircase capped with The Candler Hotel’s iconic winged lion
  • Ornate décor using brass, mahogany & marble materials, that weaves an intricate family story is infused throughout the hotel
  • Lobby featuring two original Tiffany glass windows
  • Mysterious secret bank vault below ground
  • A historic Ballroom, completely transformed
  • A variety of window styles and layouts on each of the 15 stories
  • Detailed arched windows with elaborate cornices that crown the building, radiating its historical effect on downtown Atlanta

5 thoughts on “The Candler Hotel – Atlanta

  1. Magnificent ! That falls under the, ‘they don’t build them like that anymore’. It’s a shame the tradesmen that knew how to produce this kind of intricate workmanship are rare if nonexistent now. So much emphasis is placed on an academic education today, the trades are left behind. Not to mention, the money it would take to allow the time and a skilled person to do this now would be astronomical ! All the more reason to preserve these gorgeous buildings for the future!! Did you and Greg stay there hon? What a treat!! xK

    • Agree wholeheartedly! And in addition to the skilled workers, builders / businesses don’t want to spend the money! It’s heartbreaking everytime an historic building comes down. This is where we stayed when we went down to see Andrew after his hospital stay. I wanted him to be able to get good rest before going home to his apartment. It is an incredible hotel with wonderful staff, We felt completely cared for and completely safe from a Covid perspective. Highly recommend!

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