Moss and Lichen in Historic Fredericksburg

Just a quick stroll through historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have no idea how old this wall is but it was next to a home that was over a century old.

4 thoughts on “Moss and Lichen in Historic Fredericksburg

  1. I’d sneak a little bit of that for my fairy garden 😀 I love communities that don’t tear everything beautiful and historical and replace it with new and ugley. Point in case our ‘new’ public library downtown. OMG!

    • Oh my gosh that IS awful! That happens all to often and I’m sure the bottom line is money for restoration. I would imagine that new, ugly library has recieved tons of negative comments. WTH?

      • Oh yes, lot’s of negative reviews. Apparently the approved plan was to be all glass, then there were delays and budget overruns!! Poor planning I’d say. Fugliness to the max ! What an embarrassment ðŸĪŠ

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