4 thoughts on “View From the 12th Floor

  1. That tallest building, with the Greek architecture on top, looks like something from a superhero movie ! Like where the bad guy and his gang of no-gooders hang out 😎
    (Scene) It’s Gotham city, a dreary day and raining fiercely. Batman, in his shining Batmobile roars around the empty city streets and slams to an abrupt stop at the iconic Buchwald Building (😘) As he and Robin jump out and look up, they hear his booming, maniacal laugh. It’s the diabolical Mr Cruise. He’s as hideous as he is maniacale with a pointy nose and arms made of missiles, threatening the city if he doesn’t get his way ! Batman looks knowingly at Robin, the know what to do. Without a word, they place a call to fearsome Nancy P, “ya Nancy, it’s Batman, we have a problem”. ……LOLOL. We you can imagine the rest xox K

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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