Getting Back Into It: Bike Adventures

This year, I was able to ride into Pennsylvania, my 9th state on the bike (I also was able to visit Oregon, my 48th state overall … but that’s another story).  This image reveals my excitement about visiting Pennsylvania, Gettysburg to be specific.  I also rode through Western Maryland and West Virginia, both previously visited, during this 1200 mile ride in July.

You’ve heard me say this before, but I am FOR REAL, trying to find time for blogging!  It’ll probably just be some photography for now … but Let’s Go!

19 thoughts on “Getting Back Into It: Bike Adventures

    • Crystal, I hated to not be able to find a way to see you. Greg and I took a 10 day PCH Road Trip from Seattle to LA, and pretty much had to stick to the highway. While we felt blessed to have 10 whole days, it was just not near enough to see all that we wanted on the road, let alone off the road. The good news? We WILL be back! We have so much more that we want to see AND friends to see, too.
      How wild that you have a relative in Radford. If they need anything, point them in my direction!

  1. Looking good Laurie. Congratulations to you and Greg. Your stories and adventures are great to keep our mind off things. May your soul always be free.

    A. R. Alexander

  2. During the Harley days, the ex and I made it to Pennsylvania and Gettysburg. It was a too hot day, though, so we drove through, stopped once or twice, and then headed to the Dairy Queen to cool off. That was a pretty area, beautiful countryside, and a wonderful ride. Glad you had a fabulous experience, Laurie.

    • It was so hot the day we were there, too!! And therefore, we enjoyed time in the visitors center checking out all of the exhibits. We plan to return … in the fall!

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