New Zealand Wine Tasting

A trip to New Zealand would just not be complete without a visit to a winery, and we were fortunate to have Rippon within walking distance.  No matter the wine, the view alone is worth the visit.

Is that not incredible?  Stunning!

During the tasting we learned that “the winegrowing team’s principal commitment is to the soil. Nurturing a healthy, responsive medium underfoot binds the vines and the people to their land.  Biodynamic farming and no irrigation help the vine drive energy into its seed and issue raw material that is capable of fostering wines that are true to their place”.

My favorite of the wines that we tasted was the Pinot Noir.   The winery also produces a Sauvignon Blanc, an Osteiner, a Gerwurtztraminer, and an Riesling.  Of course, part of the fun of any tasting is the people you are with.

After the tasting, we enjoyed playing with photography,

and hanging out in the Chair for Contemplation.

Finally, with no Designated Driver required, we walked home.


29 thoughts on “New Zealand Wine Tasting

  1. Incredible photo’s LB! The wine tasting presenter was so fab and fun! When you retire, you could think of doing the same in Virginia. So many opportunities for that there and you’d be a natural ! Plus who’d appreciate the product more than you. Love the interior photo’s, you shoot everything to look so impressive! xoxo Boom

    • Your comment makes me realize that I should have take a photo of the gal that presented the wines. She was indeed great.
      Too bad we didn’t get to drink much wine while in New Zealand … hahahaha!!!

  2. Was there anyone of you that did not taste the wine? You might have needed a designated walker to guide you back. 🙂 I love it when I can have a drink and not need a car. Your photos are stunning as always. So much fun to see you all pose in the “chair”? That is such a breathtaking area and I’m delighted to hear they are taking care of the soil so well. Wish we did more of that here. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Love seeing all of you having fun.

    • I’m with you, Marlene. I loved their biodynamic philosophy. The presenter told us that they used to hold festivals with music but stopped when they saw that it was damaging the soil.
      Sadly, our group is now dispersing. It was just so incredible to spend time with these “blogging babes”.
      Hopefully we’ll have more opportunities to gather in the future, and I sure hope to get to Oregon in the next year so perhaps we’ll be able to meet in person!

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