Daytrip to Queenstown

With Alys’ husband due to fly into the Queenstown airport, the 7 of us piled into two vehicles and drove the 68k into the city.

Can you guess who my seat mate was?

Along the way, we passed Bradrona, the famous “bra fence of Cardrona”.  The collection of bras started around 1999, when four bras mysteriously appeared overnight on a fence along the Cardrona Valley Road.  It wasn’t until an unknown bra thief began cutting them away under the shadow of the night that the fence gained its notoriety.  Every time they were cut away, even more were added, and the bra count has reached over 7000.  The infamous fence was rebranded to “Bradrona” in 2015 to raise money for breast cancer and $30,000 has been raised by people leaving donations in a box at the site.

What a powerful monument to say the least.  While we did not leave our bras, we did make a monetary donation.

We weren’t on the road long before, unable to resist the incredible view, we stopped at the top of the mountain.

What a thrill and what a chill!

Check out that road down the mountain!

Our first views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu took our breath away!

One of the fun things about New Zealand is the ever present cafe with ourdoor seating.  We found a table and enjoyed the view, the buskers, and the coffee.

A quick walk through the Queenstown Gardens revealed old growth trees, more beautiful views, and quiet time for reflection.

Then it was off to ride the Gondola!

Absolutely incredible!

After oohing and aahing over the view, and taking many a photo, we settled into the lounge for drinks.

Photo Credit Alys Milner and her selfie stick

The clouds began to roll in.  Check out the difference between these next two images.

We took the trip back down and after dinner in the Queenstown city centre, we hit the road for Wanaka.

Tommorow: Kayaking!

20 thoughts on “Daytrip to Queenstown

  1. I’ve been sharing these photos with my whole family. We are all in awe. Loved seeing those aqua tennis shoes belonging to Ms Petals. 🙂 That fence of bras was quite the statement! It’s wonderful they have found such an interesting way to raise awareness. Looking forward to more.

      • My daughter and I loved the idea of the bra fence. Makes quite a statement. I even emailed the link of your blog to my son so he could see the photos. My daughter wants to move to NZ.

    • Variety is what I’m aiming for, Kerry. As you know, we only have so much time on vacations, and we have to just “dip our toe” into a variety of things.

  2. Laurie, I am catching up on your travels to New Zealand and Australia. What beautiful views! I’m happy that you’re having a great time with the blogging babes and Pauline. This is a trip that will hold special memories for you, so enjoy to the max.

    • I love the Bradrona, too. For the fact that it caused initial controversy and that it now is a way to donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

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