University of Otago

After a wonderful day Experiencing Dunedin and Otago Harbour, we slowed our pace with a lovely walk around the University of Otago.

With the first students being accepted in July 1871, it is the oldest university in New Zealand, and the third oldest in Oceania.

With over 20,000 students, the University offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in Health Sciences, other Sciences, Business, and Humanities.

I’m not sure which was more impressive: the architecture or the trees!  The stone, while of a darker color, reminded me of Hokie Stone.

The walk was peaceful, offered wonderful scenery, and was the perfect way to end our day.

20 thoughts on “University of Otago

  1. The architecture is incredible. I miss that so much here in the PNW. They are tearing down all the gorgeous old buildings. You all look like you are having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing. Great shots.

    • The university is full of lovely architecture and now they are taking previously ram-shackle housing and turning it into picturesque cottages too – really pretty! It’s a nice place to take an evening stroll for sure.

  2. Pretty impressive hey? I think they’d really love a peak at the way you’ve captured all the Grandeur. I’m thinking the students must be extra inspired while there. Love all your photo’s LB, especially the three window’s! xo Kbp

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  4. I wish I could comment on individual shots, because by the time I scroll down, I’ve forgotten! BUT, before I saw your comment, I thought, “That looks like Hokie stone!” Beautiful. And I think a few years older than Tech.

  5. Such beautiful photos, Laurie. I love that old architecture. It seems timeless and sturdy, as you would expect from any fine educational institution. I adore the photo of us on the bridge. Nicely done.

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