2018: Here We Go!

Hello from Southwest Virginia!  And a belated Happy New Year to all of you!

2018 is starting out much like the last few months of 2017 ended:  full of travel.  We are just 8 days in and I’ve already spent both weekends on the road, including New Years Eve in Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia.

Despite the subfreezing temperatures, we spent several hours of the weekend out of doors.  We visited National Harbor, a multi-use waterfront development on the Potomac River in Maryland.  With temperatures hovering around 20 degrees during the day, we did not take the opportunity to ride the Capital Wheel, but it made for a great photo subject.

It was a beautiful evening!

Someday, in warmer weather, we’ll come back for a ride,

Later that night, we went to the National Mall to see the National Christmas Tree and the 57 trees that surround it, one representing each US State and Territory.  With the wind whipping about, it felt colder than 17 degrees and these next images were taken with my cell phone, held by my shaking, freezing cold hands.

The National Tree

The Virginia Tree with the Washington Monument in the background.

Selfies are a challenge when one of you is 6’4 and one of you is 5’0.

On NYE, we counted down to midnight on the Alexandria, Virginia waterfront.   The subfreezing temps kept some folks at home, but the atmosphere was festive and there were still hundreds to celebrate with.

(More cellphone photography)

Check out that frozen water!

Happy New Year!

Unlike 2017, the beginning of this year is filled with hope.

Last year: devastation.  This year: motivation to continue the resistance!

 I am ready!

38 thoughts on “2018: Here We Go!

  1. You need a selfie stick! Kelly bought me one for Christmas. We’ll practice on our next visit. 🙂 Good for you for venturing out into the cold. Your poor hands. I’ve read that your body will naturally pull your heat to the center to keep all your major organs warm, so the colder you get, the more the heat diverts inward…or something like that. Your photos are gorgeous and inspiring. And I’m so happy seeing you two in a smiling selfie.

    • Yes, yes, yes!! Friends and I will be doing a local march this year since the official one is in Vegas. For some reason, all my time off from work will be taken up by another trip.
      Now what could that trip be? 🙂

  2. Looks like a fabulous time! And as usual, gorgeous photos. I usually see that ferris wheel from a kayak or sailboat on the river. I’m told it’s a great view from the top.

  3. I love these!!

    Jan E. Simonsen
    Member and Shareholder
    Carr Maloney P.C.
    2020 K Street, NW
    Suite 850
    Washington, DC 20006

  4. Good for you to get out and enjoy the beautiful lights in such cold weather. That image of the perfectly lit tree is so lovely. I love the bridge for scale too. Wow. Looks like a magical beginning to 2018, may your momentum continue! Enjoy,

  5. Beautiful Laurie – especially liked the selfie 😀. I see you’re enjoying some of the arctic cold that we’ve had. Happily I think we’re getting a break this week; hope you are too.

  6. WOW looks like you had a very busy few weeks Laurie, Happy New Year 🙂 These are great shots. I think Alys is right you need a selfie stick or start hanging out with shorter dudes. I am so impressed with your cell phone images also you really know how to get the most out of that camera (I hate when people ask what kind of camera you used for that shot. Its like going over someone’s house and saying wow these are great cookies, what kind of oven did you bake them in).

    • One of the first things I was told when I started shooting, years before WP was to be prepared for all of the people who would say “that’s a great shot; what kind of camera do you use” 🙂
      Hope you are managing to find warmth up there in NY!

  7. How dedicated you are, to take photos for us, even though your fingers were freezing! It’s all beautiful–makes me want to go to DC at Christmas. And, yes, here’s to a new, better, hopeful 2018~

    • By the way, I was visiting a smaller town art museum this past weekend and one of the exhibits was appalachian and local crafts (furniture, linen). I thought of you when I saw the linens. Beautiful work … but not as beautiful as yours.

  8. GREAT photos!!!! I would not go on that Ferris wheel in the best of weather. It’s beautiful though as is the Christmas tree. Your new year looks so filled with fun that it has to carry into the whole new year. You are a brave person to be out in that weather. Wishing you all the best in this new year, Laurie.

    • Thank you, Marlene. Despite the temps, we really did have fun. Although I would have hung around the National Tree longer if not for that biting wind! Brrr …

  9. I really did laugh out loud at the selfie. Too funny! Just so cute! LOVED your photos and I say good for you for being out in that cold. OH how I pray 2018 is better then 2017! Wishing you and your tall handsome man a very Happy New Year, Laurie! 🎉🎉🎉

    • Amy, thank you so much for that fun comment 🙂 Knowing that 2017 has been hard for many, including you, I’m hoping for the best in 2018 for all of us!

  10. Fabulous images, Laurie. Love the ferris wheel, holiday lights and your silhouetted trees. Terrific post and hope it’s warmed up for you. Here’s to hope, change and resistance in the New Year! Here’s to the 20th!

  11. The selfie is hilarious, Laurie. You could have used a box or made your friend kneel. LOL!
    Travel may be tiring, but it comes with so many opportunities for adventure. I hope your 2018 is filled with wondrous adventure!

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