City Lights / Holiday Lights

Recent travels took me to Virginia’s Capital City.  It is always a special treat to go to Richmond during the holidays.  Many of the businesses add white lights to the outside of their buildings and the city scape just glows.

In addition, the James Center creates a reindeer forest each year and I felt like (and acted like) a child as I walked through.  I didn’t have a tripod with me, but sure had fun trying to capture the magic.  My son and I used to go every year when we lived in Richmond years ago, and the place brings me great joy.

If you are a lover of Christmas lights, you need to stop through Richmond during the holidays.  You will not be disappointed!

13 thoughts on “City Lights / Holiday Lights

  1. Lights are my favorite part of the Christmas season. That is a spectacular display! Odds are against getting there in person but you have done a marvelous job of capturing it in photos. You obviously have a very steady hand. 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy 2018

  2. Oh my, the lights are gorgeous! Perhaps I’ll visit my brother in the next year or two during the holidays and ask him to drive me to Richmond. I would love to see this in person. Merry Christmas, Laurie!

  3. A reindeer forest? How did I not know about this? Virginia is jam packed with delights (with you at the top of the list). Wowsa. What a treat, Laurie. Thanks for sharing the light, real and inspired. xo

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