Election Elation in Virginia!

Hello my friends!  What an exciting time it has been here in Virginia.

A ton of hard work led to an incredible victory for progressives, and a wake up call for those who support the 45th President.  From the devastation of the election results one year ago to the empowering and inspiring Women’s March in January, and every day since, the year has been bewildering, with all of us waking each day to one distressing news story or tweet after another.  Now though?  We celebrate!

This past year has found me, and my friends, and political colleagues working hard towards that victory.  I was honored to have my home serve as a campaign staging site for several Get Out the Vote events, and loved hosting, and seeing the crowd respond to several political VIPs.

Then Lieutenant Governor, now Governor Elect Ralph Northam

Senior US Senator from Virginia Mark Warner and now Delegate Elect Chris Hurst

Junior US Senator from Virginia, and former Candidate for US Vice President, Tim Kaine

Senator Kaine obliged us by playing the harmonica with some of my friends (cellphone photo)

Former Candidate for Governer and former Congressman, Tom Periello surrounded by Radford University Students

As much as I loved seeing all these political VIPs, I adored spending time with the campaign team.  Their energy, passion, and work ethic were inpiring (and FUN!) to be around.

There was always someone coming or going, and there was a well worn path through the leaves on my driveway.

November 7th, Election Day, dawned with cloudy skies but the rain held off until the last hour that the polls were open.  Texts were coming in throughout the day with news of a much higher than normal voter turnout.  We gathered that evening in Blacksburg, hoping that Virginia would remain BLUE and our House of Delegates candidate would be soon be Delegate Elect.

The excitment in the room was palpable and the crowd grew as the clocked ticked later.  It was a multigenerational, inclusive, and diverse crowd, and the room was full of laughter, cheers, and chatter.

We watched the returns on the TV, laptop, and phone.

The word came in that not only had we swept the top ticket, our candidate Chris Hurst had beat the incumbent.

Jubilation is the best word to describe the mood in that room.

When Delegate Elect Chris Hurst walked in the cheers were almost deafening!

and the campaign team and campaign manager celebrated along with the crowd.

Virginia is standing tall! We RESISTED and we are so proud, and many women were elected to the House of Delegates, too!

I know that many of you are also thrilled with these results.  Whether from the United States or the global community, you have expressed dismay and frankly, have been appalled by the actions of many in this country, especially those in leadership positions. I wish you could have been there Election Night to share in the joy.


After the Election, I took a mini- vacation to Atlanta, Georgia and Maggie Valley, NC and am anxious to share some photos soon!

31 thoughts on “Election Elation in Virginia!

  1. Excellent job on the images and with the Virginia vote Laurie 🙂 We’ll take one state back at a time. Looking forward to the 2018 elections.

    • I’m taking December off (other than applying to serve on the board of Virginia’s List); January will be Divas, and THEN I’ll get to workon 2018 races

  2. Way to show the rest of the country how democracy is done. All those happy faces resulting from so much hard work by everyone. I could not be happier for you and the state of Virginia. On the evening of Election Day, I waited, watching the voting results come in. Well done, Laurie. Well done, Virginia!

    • Mary, it was so exciting to know that friends the country over were watching and just as excited as we were. Unbelievable!
      Now! To keep the momentum going!

  3. Congratulations to Virginia with election results. Those results gave me hope that the tide will turn with each election, especially mid terms. It’s appalling what the current President and Administration are doing to this country, with their actions. We need to put the brakes on with our vote.

    • Exactly! We cannot have this be a hiccup!
      The resistance is strong but we have to avoid complacency.
      We were thrilled for Virginia, for the country, and yes, for the global community

    • This American, and many alongside me, have been embarrassed and ashamed to face our great neighbor to the north. Finally! Something to feel hopeful about!

  4. What an incredible night, Laurie. I’m so happy the election swung this way. We’re all better for it in my opinion. Your hard work paid off.

    In your spare time you could also be a photo journalist. Nicely done all around. xo

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