Light the Way

I’m unsure if this is an airport runway cover or an antique insulator but my friend Wilson collects them, and I think they make for lovely art as well as photo subjects.

Today is the day: I look forward to taking a visit around WordPress today!

7 thoughts on “Light the Way

  1. Great shot Laurie 😀 I think its an old insulator. It is interesting what people collect. Terry and I are redoing the living room and we have a white Hunter Original cast iron ceiling fan thats not going to match after we are done. Terry thinks we should buy a new fan but I like the old made in America Hunter so I suggested that I take it down disassemble it and spray paint it a coordinating color. I went online to see if I could do this and lo and behold found out people collect vintage Hunter Original cast iron ceiling fans 😀 I also found out I could paint it, LOL.

  2. It is eye catching and a group of them would be extra eye catching 🙂 I remember you photographed a collection on a fence or a wall of something similar previously ( a couple or 3 years ago?) and they were so very beautiful – they must have been blue 🙂

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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