No Words

To see one more image from the Vigil Against Hate: Solidarity with Charlottesville in Blacksburg, VA, visit Monochromia


14 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Great images Laurie 🙂 I think Trump was mistaken because these look like the really fine people he was referring to. The “Silence Equals Complicity” sign just about says it all. Great work my friend.

    • Granted, I was a participant and was carrying my motorcycle helmet in one hand BUT as I worked through the images, I kept thinking “they just aren’t like Joe’s”. At least they capture the spirit of the vigil.

  2. The message is the important part. Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s funny, I’m white but I don’t feel very supreme. Just ordinary like all the rest. Hoping this reign of idiocy ends soon.

  3. Thanks for sharing these poignant photos, LB. This is the most perilous time in our nation since the Vietnam war and we can’t go back to the ’60s. It’s refreshing to see men and women of strong moral character around our great nation stand up for the values and principals our forefathers founded this country on. As always, good will conquer evil.

  4. Nice images – such a sad time in our history, I feel like we are living in the 50’s – but that’s what people thought 45 meant by “make America great again.” And it looks like they were correct. He has to go!!!!

  5. With so much going on in the world that truly needs correctly and all that should be done here – people need to pick their battles, priorities for everyone, not personally. We’re spending too much time complaining about everything, we next to spend that energy to fix the problems.

  6. I love these photos, Laurie, because it gives me hope that most people are good of heart, sane and loving. The sign that reads “we never thought we’d still be protesting this 50 years later” should be a wake-up call to Americans. How long is it going to take before we all get along as one family?

  7. End the end, we all are dust. No life is less or more than another. Hateful hearts will live a life they deserve. While the rest of us fill our lives with joy, love, happiness, peace and harmony. Seems like a no brainer. The haters will not win, because they are losers in life.

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