A 48 hour trip to Richmond, VA  – also known as RVA – was packed with appointments, visits with family and friends, and good food and drink.  Founded in 1607, Richmond is Virginia’s working capital.  History, arts, entertainment, and dining are just a few of the amenities of this city that I called home for seven years while attending the Medical College of Virginia.

Every moment was filled, and as I ran from place to place, I often had nothing but my cell phone in my hand.  I didn’t come away with many photos, but the memories will sustain me.


I managed to find parking along E Franklin St and walked the block over to Perly’s Restaurant, a creative jewish deli where “bites & dinners are served in this funky, retro eatery hung with family photos”.  Oh my goodness, the potato latkes as an appetizer and the pototo and duck pierogies in mushroom and onion sauce were just divine!


That evening I met with the Girls of August.  We laughed our way through our annual gathering, which always starts with a cosmopolitan.


The eclipse of the moon was a fitting ending to a lovely day.


Thank you for stopping by.  I’m working hard to fit WP into my resist lifestyle!


35 thoughts on “Richmond

  1. So wonderful to find a post from you as I sit here sipping my coffee this morning. Hope you had a fantastic visit with the Girls of August πŸ’›

    • Our February get together lasts just 24 hours, as opposed to the week long visit in August. Even still, that 24 hours is always full of talk, laughter, and catch up.
      I love the image of your morning with coffee … such a lovely way to start the weekend!

    • YES, to cocktails! Always πŸ™‚
      Those shots were taken with my cell … not too bad. I’m really, really working on finding time with the camera and on WP. I miss the creativity and the challenge and the connectivity with friends.

    • As we persist, we must not grown weary. It is knowing that there are so many who stand together really keeps me goinng. I’m trying to make sure that I spend time with the camera and on WP. It helps! Hope to visit you soon, although today I am hosting a candidate open house, and am working on a series of events designed to find women candidates and make sure that women support those candidates!

    • Thank you, Pauline. I’m really trying to find time for photography and blogging. I miss the creativity, challenge, and of course, connectivity.
      Can’t to have a lovely cocktail in NZ! I’ve told everyone about that lovely stone cottage!!

  2. Lovely photos, Laurie. Perly’s looks like a great place to dine and the pierogies sound fabulous. Glad you were able to enjoy the weekend in Richmond and find time to spend with the girls.

    • The food really was yummy! The place was packed with regulars and it was obvious that Perly’s is a favorite placed for many.

    • It was wonderful! Our February get together lasts just 24 hours, as opposed to the week long visit in August. Even still, that 24 hours is always full of talk, laughter, and catch up.

  3. Spent a weekend in Richmond, VA a few years ago for my nieces’ wedding. Coincidentally, it was a fold festival weekend and had a sunny afternoon to wander around and listen to some great live music and drink some good micro-brewed beer. Great town.

    • When I moved there in 1992, I thought “I have no desire to live here forever but I’m going to soak up every little bit of it that I can while here”. My son and I, a boy at the time, enjoyed everything from the symphony to ball games, yet so much more has been restored or created since then. If it weren’t for the lack of mountains, I do think I’d love living right in the heart of the city. Richmond has created the Capital Trail, which connects the city to Jamestown. It was my goal to ride it last summer. Hopefully this year!

    • It really is a fun and changing city. I was able to stop through yesterday on the way home from a conference in Williamsburg. More photos later πŸ˜‰

  4. It seems you and the Girls of August always manage to get together somewhere beautiful and this trip wasn’t any different.
    … although I suspect it doesn’t really matter where you gather. The laughter and camaraderie will follow you anywhere πŸ™‚

  5. OMG, I moved from Richmond (where I worked at WTVR) to Denver in 1992 . . . but mebbe, just mebbe we sat beside each other in the Dogwood Dell that last summer, my last and your first. I love that city, deeply.

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