My friend Crystal, over at Conscious Engagement is a woman of many talents.


She is a hard working, home owning, keeper of chickens, and is also an incredible Mom, a passionate hiker and traveler, and a lover of photography and music.

And even though we’ve never met in the physical sense, I am oh so happy to call her my friend.   When I admired the mailbox that she and Tara had renovated with leftover nail polish, it wasn’t long before my very own unique and colorful mailbox arrived.


Thanks to my nephew Sam, who installed it yesterday, I now have the best looking box on the street!

Thank you, Crystal! Thank you, Tara!

You can read about their creativity here.

32 thoughts on “Polished

  1. Oh….that is so sweet! I love it.
    I should send you a photo of my mailbox which I have just resurrected from the dead for the third time this year. There has been an on going duel between my 1 pound mailbox, and the 60 ton snowplow. The mailbox looks absolutely miserable…but the mail keeps arriving, even if its not in such a stylish fashion as your mailbox…but I now feel challenged to paint the retched thing. Thanks LB. ~ Dave

  2. Laurie, the box looks wonderful! And yes, I did put extra clear varnish over the outside, because ours did fade over the summer. I am joyfully tickled that you are enjoying the mailbox and Tara’s creativity. Mine still gives me a smile when I go to pick up the mail, and I hope yours will for a long time.

    Your kind words touched me too. Gosh I am dying to meet you in person one day. I’ve got to see you on your bike, and give you a giant hug, and share a drink with you someplace in Radford. I am certain that in you I have found a kindred spirit, and the meeting isn’t merely a whether-or-not, but rather a when. ❤

  3. I thought the mailbox looked familiar! Tara is a more talented person than one can imagine as well as adorable and kind. Tara was well raised. Her mother also well raised with a kind heart and an adventurous soul. I’m hoping we can both find time soon for another visit.

  4. What a terrific mailbox! I love the geometric patterns against the white and I think it’s amazing that she used nail polish. I’ll bet your mail carrier looks forward to your box on his or her rounds. I know I would.

  5. Nail polish?! No kidding? Awesome Blossom 😀 I think it’s so apropos that the mail carrier shows up at your house and gets an eye-full of fun. Great job Crystal and Tara. Hey? Do you ever leave any little surprises in there for him/her to find? What could you put there? hmmmm? A little cactus? Oppps, maybe too pokey. Maybe a muffin for breakfast? Too typical? How about an air freshener for their truck that smells like Cinnabon? (I saw one at the carwash). Anywho, just a though for a giggle. Like you’re not busy already. xo K

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