My 2015 Photography Year in Review

Thanks to Edith from Edith Levy Photography, I learned of a blog project run by Jim Goldstein of JMG Galleries.  In her most recent post, Edith shared that Jim encourages photographers to post their best images of the year.  Thanks Edith, for inspiring me to give it a shot.  Be sure to visit Edith’s blog.  Her images are wonderful, including incredible shots from Cuba and Israel.

As you know, the year started as I neared complete recovery from my motorcycle wreck, and promptly jumped into a race for the Virginia House of Delegates.  At the midyear point, my medical practice closed, and I worked to start a new one from the ground up.

This has been quite the year, and needless to say, photography (and riding the bike) took a back seat. Even still, time with the camera provided me much needed breaks from the wild ride that was 2015.













Looking forward to another year of reading your stories, being inspired by your photos, and benefiting from the gift of your friendships in 2016!

58 thoughts on “My 2015 Photography Year in Review

  1. Those photos are beautiful Laurie – of course my favourite is one taken in a gorgeous house on top of a hill when we were all visiting together in April. I saw it and my heart did a little happy skip 🙂

    You have had one hell of a year and my fervent wish for you is that 2016 brings you some closure, some rebuilding, one or two new directions, lots of easy time on the bike and with your friends and much happiness and joy. xoxo

    • Laurie, I had the same reaction to that photo as Pauline. It’s amazing how one shot can garner so much feeling.

      Your selection of photos is breathtaking. I’m glad you found the time to enjoy both camera and bike and the midst of your long and stressful year. Wishing you continued strength and courage, good health and joy in all the things you pursue. Love, Alys

  2. The late Jerry Garcia would have said “what a long strange trip its been” Laurie 🙂 You really did have a wild ride in 2015 but hopefully 2016 will be a more normal year. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in the coming New Year. Wonderful images.

    P.S. – When the Best Of Monochromia post comes around to yours I think you will be pleasantly surprised at which image I chose 🙂

    • I’m hoping to have time to learn more about photography, Mae, and I know that 2016 will bring exciting things for you! Here’s to a great year for both of us!

    • Laura, thank you so much for taking the time to look and comment. That means much! I look forward to seeing you this year without the distraction of a campaign!

  3. You have so many wonderful photos to choose from …. even in a year like 2015, I don’t know how you managed to narrow it down. Glad to see the bridge made the cut 😉

    Happy New Year Laurie and hope that 2016 is very generous (in a good way) to you!

  4. Your photos make the year look so . . . placid and easy, and we know it wasn’t! But it was good year for challenges and overcoming them, and I hope 2016 is even better!

  5. My favorites are the photos of the two chairs in the snow and the people on the beach. Gorgeous! (Although I’m a little disappointed that a photo of the Harley is nowhere to be found 😉

    • I tried to attach a photo of the bike for you, Mary, but the link is evidently broken. I’ll snap one for you soon … hopefully tomorrow!

  6. Wonderful images – I enjoyed your photo review of the year. 2015 sure was a wild year for you–I hope that you have a more placid 2016. Happy New York!

    • Thanks for commenting, Scott. As I picked these images, I realized that most were those lucky / right time / right place shots, including the two you mentioned. Hoping for more of that same luck in 2016!

  7. The beach shot is just amazing! The first B&W here is gorgeous. And I love love love the orange leaves at the end. Oh, my friend, how can you live with yourself and all that talent? I like the tree in the field too. One fun thing about your photography is that you have been pushing yourself to learn and grow and expand your repertoire, and as a long-time fan, I’ve been able to watch the progress and celebrate with you! I can hardly stand the wait for your new body of work in 2016.

    • Crystal, you are too good to me! and as I type this, I see out of the corner of my eye, the colorful mailbox that still sits like a piece of art on my living room floor. I cannot wait to get it posted outside, but until then I continue to enjoy the colors, and the love that came with it.

  8. Some very beautiful shots Laurie, and my what a year you had! The variety of shots is wonderful, each of them beautiful in it’s own way. Look forward to more in the coming year! Happiest and healthiest of New Years to you and yours!

    • Hello Tina, and thanks for visiting! It was interesting to go back and narrow down the photos to ones that I thought were the best … and then to find that while I found those that I really liked, there were many that I thought “why did you save this one?” 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you liked the image of the shed! It’s one of my favorites and also one of those where I just happened to step outside at the right time (I also happened to lock myself out of the house 🙂 )

      • My dear wife used to do that regularly such that the women in the school office where I worked started to wonder if I was going home for a bit of nooky every few weeks!

  10. Now is my time to finally catch up on all the wonder that is Laurie B. You’ve had a wild ride, I’ve said it before, and maybe more than a few times, but it bares repeating often, “your friendship is a gift I feel blessed to know”. I see a shot I recognize, Shelley’s cabinet of curiosities, in perfect light. What a day that was together. Honestly, didn’t it seem like we all had known each other forever? It did to me…….smiling now with the moment your photo brings to mind.

    I also really fancy the photo of the big tree under the big sky. Makes me think of endless possibilities and growth. I wonder how long that tree’s been standing there, waiting for you to come by and capture the splendour she’s so graciously offering. Thru wind and storm, sunny days and perhaps days of worry for what tomorrow would bring, she stood waiting for you and your camera. Glad she hung around, her portrait turned out swell xox ❤ k/b/p

    • You have such a way with words. Really, though, it’s your wonderful imagination. Your vision, and then your ability to communicate it in words, is a gift.
      Thank you for your thoughts here, K.
      Love to you!

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