Contentment Through Photography


The contentment that comes with this post is two fold:

remembering the bike trip through the Smoky Mountains 2 years ago that allowed me to spend two days with nature and my camera (even if the trip did result in the bike wreck)


knowing that soon, in 12 days, I’ll be spending a lot more time shooting!  And with visiting all of you!

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!!

17 thoughts on “Contentment Through Photography

    • Doreen! I was just getting ready to shut down the computer and race off to work! So glad to hear from you. I hope all is well with you and yes, we will catch up soon! XO

  1. Laurie, this caught my eye immediately and my breath stilled. The way you captured this, is brilliant and speaks such soothing solace to the soul. Beautiful, my friend!! And I really thank you for I truly was in need of solace. Bless you!! ❤

  2. Color and composition steal the day! Beautiful, Laurie.
    Hey! Is your heart all aflutter the closer you get to the countdown? Do you feel like you have had a successful run? (Are all these questions answered in previous postings that I did not see while I have been in hibernation?)

  3. How much life you’ve lived in these past two years, Laurie. I’m struck that this beautiful imagine holds good memories, even though the weekend ended so tragically.

    I’m counting down with you. Radford needs you. I hope they show up to vote and make the call.

  4. Beautiful shot Laurie! I’m guessing it is one of those ones where you hunker down and stand on your head to get it at just the right angle ………? You know that bike wreck brought you into my life – clouds, silver linings – dramatic entrances – over acting …………. 🙂 It never ceases to amaze me how good things come from awful events! And I wonder if your latest activities would have called so strongly without it too. xoxo Lots of love and much strength for the final push [PUSH!! 🙂 ]

  5. I’ve been watching your countdown and it just occurred to me that I am on my own countdown. Seven more days to my overnight sleep study, and that much closer to a real night of sleep. Here’s to successful outcomes for both of us!

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