Finding Opportunity …


One of the tasks of the candidate is to spend hours on the phone, seeking both votes and contributions.  As I worked this past Tuesday, my eye was drawn to the site of my keys highlighted in the waning sun.

39 Days!

14 thoughts on “Finding Opportunity …

    • They are tempting me! Was it your father that was an elected official? I’m a bit behind (understatement) on WordPress … even if not, thanks for the encouragement!

      • Yes, my father loved city politics. Ran for mayor twice. Was the head of the board of education, city planning and finance. Ran several State party campaigns and on and on. He loved it all.

    • Yes, Lori! and while I’ve been passionate about this election, I’ll be glad to get back to some travel and photography. Hope you are well … I’m also looking forward to visiting everyone on WP soon!

  1. Youngest Daughter and I were just saying yesterday the countdown must be coming rapidly down now …… Please picture me jumping up and down with excitement, clapping hands and making random whoops and gurgling noises. God knows what I’ll do when you win!! 😀

    • Lisa, your support means much! I’m looking forward to being able to spend a bit more time on WP! I need to catch up with everyone! Hope you are well 🙂

  2. Well now, I guess this was days ago so I know you’re hanging in there. Just managing to read some mail and I’m checking in on friends first, then other friends, and then more friends……but you’re tops, cheers LB! xox

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